Love It Or Leave It? Player-To-Player Virtual Item Sales Go Legit (GDC 2008)

If you're an MMO gamer who buys his/her virtual in-game goods on the black market, your days of shady dealings may be numbered.

A panel MTV Multiplayer attended earlier this week at the Game Developers Conference's "World in Motions" series suggests that player-to-player item selling is going to be increasingly legit - whether many MMO players like it or not.

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permutated3943d ago

I don't play MMO's but I'm against item/player selling.

Do your own work.

Rooted_Dust3942d ago

I'm not against selling your characters or accounts, but I'm definitely against purchasing in-game currency. All that happens is in-game items become outrageously priced so you can't afford them unless you too are buying in-game currency.