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Why The Razer Edge Is Worth Its Price

Since Razer came out with a bang with it’s new Razer Edge gaming PC Tablet, a lot of people have been talking great things about it. The only negativity that comes from it seems to be it’s price, and some other very minor features that were made minor or not there at all. Lets talk about why this piece of hardware is worth it’s price. (Tech)

TOGC  +   753d ago
The thing is more powerful than my pc...for the price I love it.
ninjahunter  +   752d ago
Yea, very strong for the price point, were talking gaming laptop alternative levels here. like you can get a 650m i5 laptop for $1000. I mean, this thing will play 9/10 on high settings (on a scale of low to ultra). And it has A USB 3.0 Port. USB3.0 thumb drives are more than fast enough to play games off of if you get what i mean.

For perspective, heres how 640m LE runs some popular games at 1366x768: (mind you these are all more demanding than the average game)
Farcry 3 medium: 30FPS
BF3 Medium : 30FPS
Crysis 2 high : 35FPS
Skyrim high :~30FPS
Starcraft 2high: 45FPS
Steadyhndz  +   752d ago
To get a compared PC you can get it for about $750, but that doesn't include a monitor. Which is minimum $100 (and that's with a decent sale price)
josephayal  +   752d ago
For $250
imo The PS-VITA Looks way better
Allsystemgamer  +   752d ago
It's also way weaker (vita)

I own a vita but that 640m is a much better cars than anything in the vita
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SonyNGP  +   752d ago
Honestly, you're better off buying a gaming laptop by MSI or something with the price you have to pay for that thing ($1200 for the top model + $250 for the "game controller attachment" + $200 for the keyboard dock).
Allsystemgamer  +   752d ago
Not necessarily. This tablet is more portable and with that handle attachment it's ideal. I have a laptop but on the go gaming would be better in the hands rather than my lap

(Siszzling nads imminent)
Steadyhndz  +   752d ago
There's actually a bundle package coming out where you get the Keyboard dock (which can be used as a regular docking station) and the game pad...price hasn't been decided yet but from speculation it'll probably only be $300
FlyingFoxy  +   752d ago
I'm actually using an MSI gx660R laptop right now with a 5870m graphics card and 6gb ram. The CPU and even graphics card can be upgraded on this model (rarity for laptops)

Works well, i play L4D2 a lot on it and it rarely drops below 60fps full settings.

Obviously you can build a better desktop for the money also.
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edonus  +   752d ago

I was all gung ho about getting a Surface pro. Now this thing.

I would have to go with the pro version with the i7.

I am so excited about the tech coming. I cant wait to be able to run the Adobe suite and protools from a tablet. It will make traveling for production work lots more appealing.
I havea nice upgraded dell studio xps thats a beast but its funny to say I find it to big carry around for work and its only like 13 inches. Its funny how technology changes your needs.

Right now i am still leaning towards the surface just because I see having to carry all the edges peripherals a little negitvely and the type cover for the surface is great. But I really like the power of the Edge.
cyclindk  +   752d ago
May be worth the dollar amount, but one of the main cruxes of the handheld/tablet gaming environment (or any gaming system console/PC/anything) is ease-of-use, comfortablity, et cetera.

All I can say is my arms get tired holding up my cell phone for too long, not to mention my original Ipad. There's too much, I think, working against this product, but I hope it can succeed :)
ninjahunter  +   752d ago
I can agree with your complaints, but feel that between a mouse and a keyboard dock, this could be a very solid replacement to a laptop, particularly for college.

The biggest thing im curious about is that its running windows, so im curious just how functional it is compared to a laptop.
cyclindk  +   752d ago
What do you mean function-wise?

If it's running Windows 8 what would be your concern??

I'm confused :)

Laptop replacement I can SEE!, but not portable gaming replacement, not by a long shot.
ninjahunter  +   752d ago
Well, my functionality concerns mostly have to do with it being a tablet, and maby a few things like drivers. Ive never really seen a good combo of windows and tablet work out. (also im curious about temps and overclocking haha)

And for a gaming replacement, this things pretty strong, the graphics card it uses (640m le) can play a lot of big games at medium to high settings (crysis, BF3, Farcry 3, metro 2033)(30-40fps). So its no slouch in comparison to a lot of smaller laptops and completely destroys pretty much every tablet and handheld out there.
cyclindk  +   752d ago
Ahhhhhhhh, that sort of functionality.

Yeah, don't know how they will fair in that arena.

Still, all in all good to see some companies trying to innovate.

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