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Sony releases two new colors for PS Vita

Don't want a white or black Vita? You're in luck. Sony has just released two new PS Vita colored systems to liven up the handheld's look. (PS Vita, Sony)

DivineAssault  +   595d ago
i love that red one.. I already have it in black so im stuck but i wouldnt mind getting it in red if i didnt..
jujubee88  +   595d ago
I don't like the black buttons and black analogs.
If the whole thing where one uniform color, I would love them more.

Though, it's still cool to have a different color VITA (for those in Japan).
tubers  +   595d ago
Same here. Kinda destroy's a would have been good uniform theme. (unlike the White and Black VITAs).

Funny thing is that they're releasing a Gold one at least having the buttons and sticks within the color theme (Not digging the sparkly look though).

Godchild1020  +   595d ago
Weren't those released last year? I love the Red one, but the buttons bother me. I like the white/clear buttons on the white Vita. If they changed the button color, I would buy another one.
mi_titan27  +   595d ago
just went from the black to the white, and i really like the white alot more.
bullymangLer  +   595d ago
Well, if the Vita does not go through a whole new RE-DESIGN before it gets a new God Of War, that's a risk i'm gonna have to take. Weather the PS Vita is in black, blue, white, even see through, i'm gonna need one to play GOW. . i heLd the Vita the other day, (: ): and EVEN THE PS3 Controller is more comfortable, and no . . that is not a good thing :/
Hicken  +   595d ago
It looks good in both colors. Makes me want to get em all.
CommonSenseGamer  +   595d ago
Yes, 2 new colours, this will attract developers back to the Vita. Honestly, only way Vita will sell is if Sony changes its name to iPad.
Skate-AK  +   595d ago
I have the white one but I would sell it if I could get this orange one.

tubers  +   595d ago
It's calling me to bite it.. mmmm.

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