Computer Games Gives Kids Cancer According to UK Newspaper

A British Newspaper has been printed with a very over the top headline!

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bsjkupo1872d ago

I hate admitting I live in the UK sometimes :( This is so over the bloody top :(

jammy_701871d ago

Uk newspapers are always full of shit, apart from page 3 ;)

Kran1871d ago

Yeah... Page 3 tends to be Photoshopped. Sorry to disappoint... well... maybe not.

Root1872d ago

This is so going to be a selling point next gen

"Cancer Free Console"

Anyway being serious, what a load of crap, that must mean I'm 95% cancer now with the amount of time I spend of games.

Not taking screen breaks...headaches/pains, Yes. Cancer...No

Muffins12231872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

its not saying games give you cancer,its the fact that they said that staring at a screen all day increases obesity and cancer,they said that gaming was a reason THEY WHERE STARING at the screen,they also included tv for another reason and internet....they never said gaming or tv gave cancer,just the reason for doing what could increase your chances of having it which is by being a lazy fat ass on the chair all day staring at your screen.... the Arthur of this post misread the article or is trying to look for hits.

bsjkupo1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

did you read the article? It says in it that is was an over the top title and was presenting a misleading headline over facts that have nothing to do with games. That's the news >.>

StanSmith1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Actually, bsjkupo, Muffins is correct. I actually read this article in the Mirror. They aren't saying Videogames cause cancer, like the author of this article tries to make out.

They are saying that sitting around for hours playing games, watching TV, searching the web, leads to obesity if that it all your doing. This then increases your chances of getting cancer.

The only misleading headline here is the author's. The Mirror's headline in no way blames videogames for cancer.

Gamers are jumping the gun calling the Mirror out on this. Articles like the one above, do not help either. The above article is just as sensationalist as the Daily Mirror and is fishing for hits.

tigertron1871d ago

The Mirror are a bunch of retards. They're nearly as bad as the Sun.

mynameisEvil1871d ago

And DailyMail. You know, I hate the media here in the US, but UK media is awfully retarded as well. :/

tigertron1871d ago

Yeah, I mean I wouldn't even use these tabloids for toilet paper because I'd get even more crap on my arse.

g-nome1871d ago

So what do adults like me spend most of their working day doing , you guessed it , staring at a computer screen. Does this mean I can sue my employer if I get fat or get cancer.

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The story is too old to be commented.