Tomb Raider - Multiplayer: Private Rescue Developer Commentary

IGN:Creative director Noah Hughes chats with us as we play Tomb Raider's Private Rescue mode.

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BraidedWALLACE1896d ago

Mann. The running animation and speed look horrible..

fabod861896d ago

horrible is a compliment lol

ShabbaRanks1896d ago

The animations are okay, but boy does this ever look like uncharted LOL

specsmatter1896d ago

A sandstorm just like the Uc3 mp level are you $%ucking serious? lol with a guy that looks like Sully from the rear lol hahahahhahahah How can anyone say this isnt a Uc clone and come up with that argument "well tombraider did come first" lol man ppl are too much.

dirthurts1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Just as you said, Tomb Raider was doing Sand storms and generic characters way before Uncharted was...
It is a pretty valid argument, how you ignore that is befuddling.

specsmatter1896d ago

Plz stop it tomb raider didnt even have mp besides coop in the other game. You guys kill me with your bs arguments and hate so much on UC. A person is blind if when they turn on the video thy dont see UC written all over this.

Wow theres another game besides tomb raider that is about puzzles and treasure hunting a thing that has been done a thousand times before video games were popular like in movies like Alan Quartermane and Indiana Jones and with games on Atari like pitfall/treasure hunter.

Smh you guys are too much it isnt hard to see that this game is a blatant rip off, not just a rip off but blatantly capturing the look, movements, graphics and many more from Uc series so stop it your looking foolish.

dirthurts1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

True, Tomb raider didn't have multiplayer before.
That's because it was more about exploration than shooting things.
Now, the market has changed and practically every game is ending up with multiplayer and guns. It's a pretty obvious move. That doesn't make it ripping off Uncharted, who borrowed many element from everyone else.
It's the same concept. Borrowing concepts, and applying them in ways that work, and sell well. Every game does it. Very few games are doing anything different these days.
Let me ask you this, what did Uncharted do that they didn't borrow from someone else?
Or is Uncharted a rip off of Gears of War(cover shooting), etc.
It's the same argument, you're just not seeing it from a broad enough perspective.

LAZL0-Panaflex1895d ago

Stop being such a fanboy. Everything has multiplayer now. By the way uncharted 3 wasnt as good as 1 or 2,

-tear. :*-(

specsmatter1895d ago

Fanboy? You ppl on here really are sensitive and lames. Whats being fanboy pointing out the obvious that there is a difference between borrowing elements of game and blatantly trying to look and play like one from the mp characters to the movements to the look.

Why dont you stop trying to be "cool" lol and learn how to read. I never said mp wasnt mainstream and that was what they were copying. Only a complete idiot thinks that looking at this video their only borrowing elements of the mp and not blatantly trying to be like Uc mp

LAZL0-Panaflex1894d ago

So no other game thats a 3rd person shooter can have treasure or be in a jungle or its lame , copying, or lacking originality.....Is that correct fecalmatter?? mustve taken the short school bus to school,...i dont expect you to understand that statement.

dirthurts1896d ago

Looks much better than I expected actually.
Not HUGE on multiplayer. The only multiplayer I really do is Battlefield 3, but I'll give it a go.

Pathosverdes31895d ago

Being like Uncharted is not a bad thing. Animations can be patched to look better, they need to make a greatsingle player story and make sure the multiplayer is well balanced.

TheyDontLoveYou1895d ago

Anyone that defends this piece of crap deserves to die, lol. Anyone calling this an uncharted clone is just disrespecting naughty dog.

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