Tomb Raider - Multiplayer: Team Deathmatch Developer Commentary

IGN:Creative director Noah Hughes chats with us as we play Tomb Raider's Team Deathmatch mode.

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supraking9511742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

i hope theres Uncharted skins dlc

Cam9771742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Why edit your comment? This looks downright terrible! The muzzle flash is no better than TR1's muzzle flash, the shooting looks flat with no feel and little recoil, the gameplay looks completely un-TRish and the boosters look stupid. This is quite obviously something added because like in most cases, the publisher wanted it. I don't know about this reboot...

I'll wait until it's cheap, TLOU looks so much better so I'll buy that.

aviator1891742d ago

I'm not looking forward to this Tomb Raider for the mp.

I'm more excited about the single player, and it's the same way I feel about The Last of Us. Both games look to have incredible campaigns.

supraking9511742d ago

its hilarious that the IGN guy isnt talking about Uncharted MP and compares the TR to FPS games.
...Sandstorms and ziplines how very Uncharted 3 multiplayer of them xD

specsmatter1742d ago

lol hahahahah omg one of those guys look like sully the other like Drake!!!!! wow smh

fabod861742d ago

People may disagree all they want but it's evident that this mp is an Uncharted carbon copy.

specsmatter1742d ago

Beyond a doubt the way they mimicked it is so blatant lol

And to be honest thats one of the reasons im intrigued by it and might give it a shot bcus i love me some UC mp.

fabod861742d ago

Ok but they should have done it better... animations really sucks.

boldscot1742d ago

Uncharted 4- The Tomb Raider!

Kingdom Come1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

1:28: The balancing for the bow is horrendous. It looks so weak, I mean, the guy survives an arrow through his head? Come on...

BigStef711742d ago

Lmao I was gonna comment about the arrow as well. He should have gotten killed it went through the guys skull lol. Hopefully they fix the issues that were present in the video when this game launches. Also the jumping looks kinda awkward

csreynolds1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I bet it would have ended him if he took it to the knee...

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