Activision offering refunds for Wii version of Guitar Hero III

Joystiq reports:

As our bat-eared readers discovered when the game was first released, the Wii edition of Guitar Hero III, though advertised as possessing Dolby Surround Sound capabilities, could only duplicate one channel of audio through multiple speakers (a.k.a. mono sound).

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GrammarPolice3918d ago

I hope "Ouch-ii" catches on.

gamesR4fun3918d ago

hope they get sued large seems about the only thing that they respect

permutated3918d ago

It's a game, man.

Grow up.

Gibsie3918d ago

that guy who paid the ridiculous amount on ebay must be saying that for sure :P

ravenguard883918d ago

You don't get much technologically worse sound-wise than going back to mono...