Destructoid-Review: Anarchy Reigns

DToid:The time has finally come. After numerous delays, and nearly a year of waiting after the Japanese release, Max Anarchy, known internationally as Anarchy Reigns, is finally here.

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fei-hung2018d ago

my copy has been shipped. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. If anyone knows how to do hack and slash, it is Platinum gmes.

admiralvic2018d ago

But this isn't a hack and slash, it's a brawler...

fei-hung2018d ago

some characters fight with weapons and the combat is very similar to hack n slash games they have made previously. I know since my copy arrived today and I was playing it earlier.

Similar to when Dante uses Beowulf in DMC, it can be considered a brawler and hack and slash

ShaunCameron2017d ago

Actually a beat-'em-up action game.