IGN-Shipwrecked: Hands-On with Tomb Raider Multiplayer

IGN:While it can be argued that multiplayer extends the shelf-life of a game, keeping people engaged and preventing them from trading it in after a month, players and publishers alike have begun questioning whether or not high-profile titles like Tomb Raider truly need it in order to survive. 2K and Irrational Games are betting it doesn’t with BioShock Infinite, and it seemed Lara’s journey would be a solo one too. And guess what? Everyone was, by all anecdotal accounts, fine with that.

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Welshy1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Don't immediately jump on my back for this, i'm not using this in a derogatory way whatsover, but all i see is Uncharted multiplayer when i see footage of Tomb Raider. That online mode of capturing med packs and bringing them back to base is pretty much a carbon copy of Blunder which has been used in Uncharted since Among Thieves in 2009 (fighting over a golden idol you need to fight over and bring back to base). Just because a med kit is a survival item, placing it in an gun-ho online environment doesn't make it anymore a "survival" experience than Uncharted.

And to be drawing comparisons from one of this gens, if not the THE best action adventure gameg of this gen, is no bad thing and they should relatively flattered on both sides that people want to copy Uncharted and that Tomb Raider is being pegged alongside a modern classic like Uncharted.

I get that they are pushing it out as something and new and different, which technically it is since the only other game to do this style is a single IP on a single platform in Uncharted...

But everything from the over the shoulder view, the character movement, the aiming, how the guns fire, the vertical environments and traversing, even down to the drake-esque multiplayer character that showed in another video that not only sounded like Nolan Norths drake, but had the reluctant, excited hero tone going "aw yeah!" "take THAT" and laughing and jibing etc.

I really want this game to be great, but i feel they have strived so far off from it's originally shown survival based roots.

Ron_Danger1990d ago

Just wondering if you've ever played any other Tomb Raider?

Since the Tomb Raider series came first, technically Uncharted is like Tomb Raider and not the other way around. And I'm not bashing Uncharted at all. I basically bought a 3D tv just for Uncharted 3 and I even beat all the co op missions on Crushing so I'm obviously a huge fan. And it's not like the over the shoulder aiming was invented by Naughty Dog. It's been done for years with games like Gears, Socom, and pretty much any 3rd person shooter, um, ever!

Ezz20131990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

that's my comment in another article

"i keep hear about how uncharted copy from tomb raider
but (and i have played every tomb raider game since ps1)
the gameplay is different and they share nothing in commen
mele fight
the treasures and puzzles...tomb raider didn't invent it
the platforming is not even close
all it got from TR and Indiana Jones was just the style and by that i mean going after treasures
and that's it

but this reboot
TR almost copy cat uncharted games in every thing
but they forgot to add swimming lol
even the MP not just almost or close to uncharted MP..IT IS uncharted MP with much lower gfx and very bad animation

all i hope for ... is that TR have good story
i have no problem with it being uncharted copy
that's never a bad thing
and i hope pc/360 only owners enjoy it :)
let's hope it's just a good game "

Welshy1990d ago

The basic premise of Uncharted was most definitely inspired from Tomb Raider, but the key difference being that Uncharted was a shooter first and exploration game second, where old Tomb Raider was about exploration and puzzle solving first with some shooting involved as the second purpose.

That difference isn't there this time round as Tomb Raider isn't just basing itself on Uncharted, it literally BECOMING Uncharted right down to gameplay at a basic level.

That's not to say Tomb Raider will be a bad game or even remotely close to that, but i'm disappointed Tomb Raider went all out Uncharted instead of doing what Uncharted initially done and added it's own quirks to a bare bones formula.

I'd have preferred a "survival" experience like they initially showed for 80% of the game so that it had its own identity, but with Uncharted moments thrown in to add to the expeience. Much like Uncharted done 80% it's own thing with the 3rd person shooter direction, but added Tomb Raider style climbing and puzzle solving to mix it up.

KaBaW1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Tomb Raider may copy from Uncharted, but it's not like Uncharted never copied..
The same idea, as for the golden idol, could be said for Capture the Flag..?
Or, a variation. Lots of games, I'm sure, have the same exact mode as Uncharted.
Games that have been released both before and after Uncharted had been released.

Not that it's a bad thing as Uncharted is a fantastic game.
Nor is it a bad thing that Tomb Raider may be 'copying' from Uncharted.

Kran1990d ago

The only thing that annoys me about the criticsm about this multiplayer is how people are comparing it a lot to Uncharted.

Im sorry but really?

No one compares Homefront's to Battlefield? No one hardly compares Gears of War 3 beast most to Dead Space 2 to Left 4 Dead, but when Tomb Raider, a game I know will do well, suddenly has similarities to Uncharted (basically you could call the multiplayer Uncharted for multiple platforms) all hell breaks loose.

TheEnigma3131990d ago

I hate to say it, but this does look a lot like Uncharted.

JohnApocalypse1990d ago

It pretty much is Uncharted but with a bow and no cover system

Jek_Porkins1990d ago

Really looking forward to this game, not sure why people are so hung up with comparing it to other games, pretty much any game that releases has similarities with other games or movies.

Welshy1990d ago

Seriosuly dude, with all due respect, go look up some Uncharted 2 or 3 "plunder" mode multiplayer then rewatch the video of the med pack recovery in the article.

It's not "like" another game. It's a carbon copy minus a cover system.

No Way1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I'd bet you could also find a game where Uncharted has copied.
I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to do, but what would be hard to do..
Is to find a game that anywhere in the entire game hasn't copied one single element from another game.. especially one that had been successful.

The important thing, though, is to make your game better, than the copied.