Post-Planescape: Fargo Reveals The Future Of Torment

RPS:Rumours have been swirling for years about a possible sequel to Black Isle’s legendary and powerful roleplaying game Planescape: Torment, but the closure of the original studio and the jealous guarding of the Planescape rights by owners Wizards of the Coast seemed to have put paid to any comeback. But with original Interplay boss Brian Fargo very much back in the RPG business with current studio inXile’s wildly successful Wasteland 2 crowdfunding, everything changes. He and his team have come up with a way to make a new Torment game: this is really happening.

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dedicatedtogamers1869d ago

I'm so geeked to see this sort of game being made.

God bless Kickstarter!

-Falaut-1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

ohhhhhhhhh my!! The writing in Torment, in my opinion, is second to none.

1868d ago
sonicsidewinder1868d ago

Ahhh, so it's more a 'in the spirit of' Planescape Torment game.

I can dig that. The art looks wonderfully vivid.

Shame Wizards of the Coast were all up-tight. I mean, there's a whole Multiverse of potential for another Planescape video game.

Still, I won't lose sleep over there being no sequel. It stands alone quite strongly.