GDC '08: Crytek revisits Crysis

The 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo offered gamers a number of reasons to be excited about the coming year. However, trumping much of the noise coming out of that show was a solitary tech demo from Far Cry developers Crytek for its upcoming EA-supported shooter, Crysis. The Frankfurt, Germany-based developer had already established itself as a technological powerhouse with Far Cry's stunning CryEngine, but crowds were not prepared for the lush tropical environments and jaw-dropping breakable foliage on display.

As impressive as the showing was, it came very close to not happening. That and other tidbits were presented to a bleary-eyed crowd still reeling from Thursday's night's festivities in a postmortem session for the game kicking off this the final day of the 2008 Game Developers Conference. Helming the session was none other than Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, who was joined by Crysis lead designer Sten Hubler and producer Bernd Diemer.

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