The Walking Dead - Disc release confirmed for Europe

According to the latest entry of the german rating-board USK, Telltale Games The Walking Dead will also official released on disc in Europe.

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Dark_Overlord2043d ago

Hopefully without all the bugs plaguing the US release

fourthpersonview2042d ago

Have they fixed the NA disc release?

cemelc2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Been on the forums for this game for a few days no fix words at all either.... really terrible customer service wont be buying season 2.

TryMe2042d ago

This is good news. More people get to experience this gem!!1

Snookies122042d ago

No... Not good news. As much as I loved the downloadable version of this game. Bought the disc one, and it is HORRIBLE. I can't even play it, it's so wrought with problems and slowdown. Once they release a patch (if they ever do), then yes. That will be good news.

DarkBlood2042d ago

its an awsome game cant wait for season 2

hazelamy2041d ago

great news, i've been waiting for the disc version.
day one buy.