Steam Box: Everything We Know So Far

NowGamer: Valve's Steam Box has become a very real and incredibly exciting proposition, but what exactly do we know about it? Let's take a look...

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PrivateRyan2050d ago

More choice is always good

Dailynch2050d ago

I'd agree with that. Hopefully Valve can teach the big three a thing or too as well. Steam sales hopefully being the first lesson.

KrisButtar2050d ago

Steam sales do me no good as I can't stay connected long enough and to give u an idea of what my Internet speed is, it takes me about 6 hours to download an update the size of 32mb for either the 360 or ps3. Most games are at least GBs now so it would be painfully long to download. If the steambox can offer a physical way to play games like discs I would likely buy this machine but as it stands only the nextbox/Wii u/ps4 have my attention as I don't need an Internet connection to play there games, it's pretty much the reason I stopped pc gaming as I always need an online connection, and the games I own that require it, my connection doesn't seem fast enough to register, plus my connection is unstable, but it's all that is offered in my area