Wubi arrives: a look at Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5

The Ubuntu development community has announced that the fifth Ubuntu 8.04 prerelease is now available for testing. Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5 adds additional polish and reliability as well as a few intriguing new features. The official release of Ubuntu 8.04, codenamed Hardy Heron, is scheduled for late April and feature freeze is already in effect.
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Arstechnica tested alpha 5 to get a first look at the new features in action and to see how it compares to alpha 4, which we reviewed earlier this month. Ubuntu 8.04 includes a new sound server called PulseAudio, the new GIO and GVFS I/O abstraction layer and virtual filesystem mechanisms, the PolicyKit secure privilege escalation framework, improved support for virtualization, and a new VNC client. Integration of these features is moving forward steadily and GVFS has become a bit more robust.

One of the most significant new features added in alpha 5 is support for Wubi, a new installation mechanism that makes it easier for Ubuntu and Windows to coexist on the same computer. Wubi provides a complete Ubuntu installer that can be run in Windows from the Ubuntu Live CD. It installs Ubuntu into a folder on the Windows file system and sets up a boot menu so that users can choose between Windows and Ubuntu when the computer starts.

Unlike a regular dual-boot configuration, Wubi doesn't require users to create a partition on their hard drives for Ubuntu. When Ubuntu is installed with Wubi, it can be uninstalled directly from the Add/Remove Programs utility in Windows.

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kevanio093948d ago

i use ubuntu and vista on my laptop

however what does this have to do with gaming?

Lord Anubis3948d ago

I'll quote you for everyone to see in case you decide to edit your post:

"i use ubuntu and vista on my laptop

however what does this have to do with gaming?

I guess you never heard of Linux gaming eh?

incogneato3948d ago

Linux gaming? Is that supposed to be a joke?

Linux is horrible, especially Ubuntu and this has nothing to do with gaming. Why is N4G starting to post weird stuff about web browsers or operating systems?

gamesR4fun3948d ago

really looking forward to giving it a go amazing how much ubuntu is growing...

as for gaming news well we do have a tech section for a reason....

Scarfy3948d ago

"Linux is horrible, especially Ubuntu"

Er... what?

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc. are now considered to be THE Linux distros to use for a Linux desktop. It just works, which is exactly what it should be.

"Linux gaming? Is that supposed to be a joke?"

Here's a funnier one: PC gaming.


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Rikitatsu3948d ago

However, in other aspects, its defeated by Windows XP

clearelite3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Ever wonder why most web servers run linux? Because it is more stable, flexible, and more powerful. XP is for people that dont want to think and want ease of use/software compatability. Saying Win is better than linux is like Blasphemy. Because, they are for different people with different needs/interests.
BTW, you can easily have linux and win on the same hd if you want/need to.

jaja14343948d ago

You'd be shot on site if you were caught using windows in any of the Computer Science labs at my school. Well unless they are in intro to computer programming, but only because they don't know better yet.