10 Greatest Casting Choices in Video Game History

WC writes: There are many factors that go into making a truly great video game, but undeniably it’s the characters within the story who draw us into the story the most, providing us with the motivation to continue playing, and bestowing the game with a very distinct personality. Recent years have seen the video game medium evolve considerably, with more and more talented, A-list voice actors from Hollywood showing up to lend their talents, accepting that not only is gaming a viable way for them to earn some cash, but it’s also a viable medium that is essentially surpassing movies in many quarters. So, here we take a little look at a few of the actors who have put their considerable vocal talents down and really made a mark of their own on the titles that they have starred in.

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Root1958d ago

I hate WhatCultures layout pages...just put them on one page or spilt them on to two.

Anyway, GTAs are the best ones for me, it really gives a character something special when you know there voiced by someone you like. I think it's something like, "If you like the celeb playing them then you'll like there character"

I just hate how Rockstar won't do it anymore, they keep saying it's because we'll keep seeing the celeb rather then the character they're playing but I don't and I bet a lot of you guys feel the same.

Seriously Rockstar have got to stop thinking for us and deciding on what we like and don't like. To be honest I just think it's because it costs too much money for them and they are becoming cheap.

iamnsuperman1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

This list seems less about actual casting genius and more about great uses of celebrities in games. I can think of better casting than this list. Good casting doesn't necessarily mean it is because of a celebrities being involved