Dark Sector Trying to Attract Casual and Hardcore Gamers

In a recent interview, TheGameReviews had the oppertunity to discuss Dark Sector in detail.

Via TheGameReviews

"Gamers, like any other large social gathering, often divide themselves into groups. One of the most basic and widespread groups divided is that of gamers who play for fun and those who play to conquer challenges. These are very two separate and distinct groups, and both have different needs, but TheGameReviews' Staff who are present at this year's Game Developers Conference had a chance to talk with the folks at D3 about how they are going to try and appeal to both with their Dark Sector title."

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cain1413947d ago

Until about a month ago, I hadn't even heard of this game, but it is looking like it will be a ton of fun...

predator3947d ago

this game is looking better evrytime a read about. good article

Jamegohanssj53947d ago

This games looks meh as ever. Failed to deliver.

AngryHippo3947d ago

'Failed to deliver' , i think i will wait till reviews on this game are out before judging it. 'Looks meh', i thought the game looks pretty good, i think this is the best use of the Unreal Engine other than Gears and UT3. The developers seem to have done a good job on it. Oh well....each to their own, anyways looking forward to hearing and seeing more on this title.

ISA_Scum3946d ago

lol, you can say what you want bud. PS3 development is the issue cause devs just try to port from the 360. It causes framerate, screen tearing and loading issues. Textures don't transfer over as's not Sony's or the PS3's fault. It's third-party devs that are to blame.

As a PS3 exclusive owner, I've come to accept that. Unfortunately, until we get more exclusives (whenever KZ2, Haze and SOCOM can hurry the hell up) we don't have much to brag about.

kunark3947d ago

i predict a ps3 review will get a lower score cause of same ole bs from reviews they gotta nick pick the ps3 verstions