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Acquiescence2049d ago

Yet naysayers will still find a way to spin this news in a negative light because DmC/Ninja Theory/reboot/Capcom.

GreenRanger2049d ago

So, they've turned a staple mode into DLC?
Typical Capcom.

SonyNGP2049d ago

It's a free title update.

Skate-AK2048d ago

I could see how that would suck for someone without an Internet connection though.

vallencer2049d ago

Like sony said its free. But if you had read the article im sure you'd know that.

yami9302048d ago

When did he say paid DLC? He just stated it was going to be DLC, which it is.

Root2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Yup keep adding onto my reasons why I won't be buying this game

Why add a mode as or not it shouldn't happen, if you actually cared about making a good DMC game this mode would of been in from the start.

Knowing how easy this game is even on the hardest setting, I bet it will be p*** easy to do.

Vandamme212049d ago

Just stfu..u actually complaining about something like this.

rezzah2048d ago

it's funny how you tend to get angry at those who oppose your interests.

vallencer2049d ago

really man? you're complaining about a FREE dlc that they are adding to the game just because it WASN'T on the disk when it is being released? That's really sad.

Root2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

How is it sad

Vergil's DLC as a pre order, now this and I bet down the road there will be more

There just doing it because it's all a marketing statergy for them

Release "DLC" for free to make it look like were a good company DESPITE it being obviously cut from the disc so people will defend us and the game.


When the real DLC comes around people will pay for it because they'll say "Well they did give the first bunch of DLC away for free" even though it wasn't really DLC, it was just normal stuff cut frm the game.

It's not about if it's free, it's about what they are doing. If you can't see this then you are blind. This has all been planned out, they think we are stupid but it's all been done to make them look good at the end of the day.

vallencer2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Wow....just wow. Seriously man just wow. I like how you sit there and act like you know how a business works. The bloody palace dlc could have been thought of in the last month or so and as we all know games go gold within a month out so how can they stop the game from going gold just to add more content?? They don't they just update the game for free. And vergils dlc is free with pre order which is awesome because i probably wouldn't have paid for it other wise. Gearbox added a free character for pre order and nobody yelled at them for it. That was also probably a marketing move.

Also how is it OBVIOUSLY cut from the disc? How do you know that? You don't so stop trying so hard. Also why does it matter so much to you if people get excited over free dlc and then pay for dlc later on? How does it effect you? I'm not blind to what they are doing however what i see them doing is offering free dlc and that's all i see and that's all i need to see. I think i'll buy the dlc i want to buy and you can keep to your theories. Also you complaining about free dlc makes you seem whiny and entitled. Just an observation.

I think you should take your tinfoil hat off now.

Root2049d ago

I love how you dmc fans LOVE to bash peoples opinions down who say anything negative

I understand if I commented on your comment first but you guys can't help yourself.

You love to start personal attacking people who say anything negative and give off immature comments. Why is it you can't just let us have our opinions.

If you could actually have a conversation maturly then fair enough but you can't. Your like a little kid...vallencer the keyboard warrior.

VileAndVicious2049d ago

poor root....
Always the victim

Myst-Vearn2049d ago

I hope this sell less than 10 copies.

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