DmC Devil May Cry: PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video

CVG:We've been putting in plenty of time with the series reboot to bring you our upcoming DmC review, and while we were at it we also captured footage from the console versions to bring you the PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video you can view below.

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Hellsvacancy1992d ago

A 55 second comparison video?

afterMoth1992d ago

Seriously! What a horrible comparison. I guess they figured a crappy game isn't worthy of having a longer video.

DivineAssault 1992d ago

clearly the PS3 version is superior.. lol

WetN00dle691992d ago

lol funny thing is that the video has nothing that shows the Ps3 as the superior version. Clearly you have your Ps3 goggles on.

1992d ago
TongkatAli1992d ago

He is right even thou i think this game is gonna be ####. The PS3 version looks better, keep pausing it while its playing.

YoungPlex1987d ago

"The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions contain identical content. Though it should be noted, WITH A CERTAIN SEVERITY, that the 360 VERSION IS CLEARLY SUPERIOR in this pair. Its PS3 counterpart struggles to keep a steady framerate which is sadly characteristic of PS3 games running on the Unreal Engine."

8.9 (XBOX 360) 8.5 (PS3)

Clearly DMC suffered enough on the PS3 to lower the overall score. Now why else would the score be lowered on the PS3 version of a a game that has IDENTICAL content on both? Guess you must have your fanboy goggles on lol! Do your research and stop trolling!

Hanso1992d ago

both suck because 30 fps

Ezz20131992d ago

no both suck because this is not DMC any more

afterMoth1992d ago

Emo boy may cry a lot. And hear the F word a hundred times during a chat with a boss.

Plagasx1992d ago

Try comparing to PC version :)

BlackTar1871992d ago

why? So you guys can be like hahaha see our custom built changeable architecture PC is better?

this is LOL worthy. Do PC gamers need articles telling them about how they have a system that is newer then 6 yrs old that runs games better?

PC crowd is starting to look a little sad lately in article about comparing console graphics.

Ill do everything you want right now and you should never have to come back again.

PC beats CONSOLE GRAPHICS BOOOOm now leave people alone with dumb posts.

OptimisticPrime1992d ago

Pc fanboys are stupid. Your comp is better than 6 year old hardware? Sweet! That's good for you.

Pardon me for wanting to spend $300 SIX YEARS AGO and not having to do any kind of upgrading, buying new cards, or ANYTHING for over half a decade and am still playing the same games as you lol. But no I'm glad your lighting looks better. ;)

aquamala1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Why not? The game is out on pc,ps3 and 360. But you only want to compare ps3 to 360? yeah I know it's not fair comparing old consoles to pc, but why would you not want to see what the game looks like on the best looking platform if you care about the game?

TongkatAli1992d ago

That is the face of Tom Hanks getting owned.

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The story is too old to be commented.