Top Black Ops 2 YouTube Commentators

Craig Bryan from NoobFeed focusing on not necessarily the best, but certainly some of my favorite Call of Duty Black Ops II commentators on YouTube.

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berndogskate2046d ago

elpresador, hes a funny mofo

FriedGoat2046d ago

Games don't need commentating. One of the stupider sides to gaming, these people make me cringe.

dazzrazz2046d ago

Dude is mentally unstable, besides that he cant play anything else than call of duty

the_hitman30002045d ago

So true he's the only commenter that i actually watch the humor really helps to enjoy.

berndogskate2046d ago

each to their own, i find him funny thats all that matters to me, entertainment

TopDudeMan2046d ago

MarkofJ has some of the best call of duty commentaries around. It amazes me some of the awesome gameplays he pumps out, almost daily.

topekomsi2043d ago

Right now markofj and jiveturkey600 are my favorites. Markofj is just sic.