Review: Knytt Underground | DualShockers

Knytt Underground is a huge, wonderful game, one that offers a large, undiscovered world that comes with secret areas, new worlds, and enough rooms to keep players coming back for more. Knytt Underground may not be for everyone: anyone looking for a stronger story and more action won’t find it here. For everyone else, this is a game truly worth your time, and fun to play at home, or on the go with the Vita. Try it out, get lost, and enjoy.

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waltyftm1868d ago

Quality game, nice to see it getting good scores.

GribbleGrunger1868d ago

I was blown away by this game. I started it a while back and keep going back to it now and then. Today I entered chapter two and became a bouncing ball! I simply did not know that this game was so diverse. I urge everyone to get this immediately.

waltyftm1868d ago

Chapter 3 is even better.