Gov. Christie says guns, drugs, mental illness and video games need to be examined

Today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took to CBS This Morning to say that talking about gun control in the wake of the Newtown shooting isn't enough.

"If all we talk about is just controlling guns, which we should talk about, we're not doing enough," he said.

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zerocrossing1933d ago

"Gov. Christie says guns, drugs, mental illness and video games need to be examined"

One of these things is not like the other.

iamnsuperman1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Well said. It is just too easy to blame video games. He says he has four kids at home and he doesn't allow COD in. Well that is good pareting because they shouldn't be playing those games anyway (if they are too young). It is like taking a child to see SAW. No parent would do that and the same attitude should be applied to video games. A 10 year old told me (on a primary school placement) he wasn't going to the disco but going home to play COD. Not only is that showing he is lacking social skills because of his choice but also WTF is he doing with COD (it was black ops 2)

I agree with him and mental illness but including video games was a bad idea. Children are told to play certain types of video games (seen by the age rating). Video games (as well as films) have desensitises us but it isn't a cause for gun control or solving mental illness issues. Mental illness is the key in this gun control thing. It is impossible to solve mental illnesses and detection but better measures are needed.

Army_of_Darkness1933d ago

We need to look into aids, cancer, dementia and most importantly green apples.

extermin8or1933d ago

Well some parents do take/let their kids see SAW etc., but I actually agree with the guy in principle but if parents buy their kids those games what can you do? Can't have the police involved just because they have a young child and own adult games, can't prove they are letting the kids watch or play it.I mean yeah you could get social services to have words but tbh they are busy enough really aren't they? And you can't change it so that it punishes people who are entitled and overage to buy/play it.

FarEastOrient1932d ago

Cars kill more people than guns, should they look into that as well?

dantesparda1932d ago

well then, they should include movies to if thats the case. Stupid politicians, they dont know sh!t!

SirBradders1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

The only reason the blame is being shifted on games etc... is because of the incompetence of our generation of leaders instead of blaming shit hold yoyr hands up and say our current system is flawed and we need a solution i.e. parental/content controls etc....

My personal opinion is prosecute these failing parents who allow their kids from a young age to access adult content and if crazy fuckers start shooting hold the parents responsible aswell if they are deemed incompetent at being a parent young mums especially.

We have hit a point now where kids are raising kids so what do they expect. Ban pregnencies until a certain criteria is met thats the only way kids will ever be brought up in stable and good energied environment.

upallnightgamer1932d ago

I agree for the most part. My 6-year-old plays Lego LotR, but he also watches me and my wife play Mass Effect, and because we always make Shepard take the diplomatic approach instead of acting like a jackass, he's learned to be a nicer person overall as well.

awi59511932d ago

Screw these guys i love my guns and nutcases can just blow you up with a drano bomb or a fertilizer car bomb like Oklahoma city. OH gas blows up real good too. I just bought 10 AR-15 mags and a bright and shiny AR-15 to go along with my Ak-47 i bought last year.

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guitarded771933d ago

And cupcakes... definitely cupcakes... they lead to so much rage!!!

Let's see how Christie likes it when we blame something he loves.

xander707691933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

It is a proven FACT that every serial killer, mass shooter, and child rapist has consumed water.

Also, 100% of all people who have ever died has come into contact with water. COINCIDENCE?!?!?!

Lets work together and put an end to this menace to society. Call your senators today and tell them it's time we evolve as a society and get rid of water!

guitarded771933d ago

Hmmm.. I just heard a commercial for MONSTER JAM!!! You know, they smash vehicles with other, more powerful vehicles. I think it's a violent spectacle and symbolic of the destructive God complex of certain individuals who want to destroy everything lesser around them... or, it could just be a F'n monster truck show where people drink overpriced scrub beer and watch stuff get blowed up.

I do however believe xander is on to something with the whole water thing... it just makes sense.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1933d ago

Nothing will happen to video games. Nothing dramatic anyway. This is a billion dollar industry and it's bigger than him. The corporation own these guys in "powerful positions" anyway. Activision will tell him to shut up and sit down.

ravinash1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

If the Games industry had similar group to what the gun industry has in the US, then you might have something.
For now, politicians still keep thinking it's little kids to young to vote who play games, so that makes the gaming industry fair game.

awi59511932d ago

The supreme court ruling last year has put a end to this kind of crap. Any law on video games has to effect the movie industry as well. When the movie executives get involved game over for any law.

Anon19741933d ago

Yeah, it seems off to include videogames on that list. It's not like the effects of violent media in general hasn't been studied to death already. However, I'm not opposed to examining the problem from all angles. If they find something that hadn't been considered before, great! Even though I seriously doubt videogames are much of a contributing factor based on previous studies done, people should be as informed as possible.

yeahokchief1932d ago

this fatty needs to examine a scale

Simon_Brezhnev1932d ago

funny how they never include movies and tv shows.

unknownhero11231932d ago

or parenting(or the lack of)

ElitaStorm1932d ago

trols and idiotts need to be examined aswell

Metamorph931932d ago

I think someone else needs to be examined rather than guns, drugs, mental illness, and video games.

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DA_SHREDDER1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I disagree with anyone who says that games like COD have anything to do with any deaths. Considering how barbaric humanity has been, and sometimes proves that it can still be as bad as the ancient days. Humans have mellowed out, and the technology will always be there. It seems to me guns aren't even the issue. Humans made guns, along with spears, knives, bombs, viruses, and other things way worse than COD. But if he was just trying to troll then he did a fantastic job. lol

FunAndGun1933d ago

Don't forget to examine fast food and lack of exercise Mr. Christie.

Apparently those are killers too.

Just_The_Truth1933d ago

I guess your joking but nutrition is probably one of the most important aspects that we neglect today. We feed our kids things that we have no idea were there from or what's in it. Chicken isn't just chicken a tomato isn't just a tomato and we don't know what effects this is having on of us physically and mentally. Watch food inc it's on Netflix.

FunAndGun1933d ago

I did write that as a joke, but I also do agree with you. I have seen that documentary and many others on GMO foods and how food has changed in the past 20 years. It is quite scary to think what we will become as a society 40 years from now. I mean, they can make steaks in a lab with cell cultures, in vitro meat, it is freaking disgusting. A future where all foods are made by man, not nature.

I was more just taking a jab at someone preaching on how to live MY life when they can't even control their caloric intake per day.

Metamorph931932d ago

It's not the government's place to tell you what you can and can't eat and how to raise your children. If you had a burger in your hands just about to take a bite and a government official slapped it out of your hand and told you no, there would be a problem. That's already happening just without the physical slap, which makes me wonder why people are letting minority take over majority. A revolution is not needed just yet. People can stop it by protesting in the streets. As for idiot people, you can't talk with them. An idiot will always be just that. However, some do change but most don't. Sad, but true. I believe Christie and all of the people for this gun control nonsense are idiots. If you have guys come into your house during the night with knives who are about to stab you to death and do bad things to your family, calling for help won't do you any good in that situation. A gun is needed. Criminals will not give away their guns. Only the innocent will be forced to, and crime and death will still happen. You can't regulate how a person thinks. Speeding is illegal, but what do people still do? Speed. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Just_The_Truth1931d ago

@funandgun-I totally agree thanks for your reply.

@metamorph93-wow you said a lot.....the food industry is subsidized by the government and 98%controlled by groups like monsantos. There's not much choice when all the food comes from the same place.

Gun control is needed. More education and background checks before you can get one are extremely important. Rifles and (semi) automatic weapons aren't need at all. You should be able to have handguns though to protect yourself.

As for that minority taking over, protest and revolution BS, god help you.

Gr811933d ago

Are always scapegoated, and that's unfortunate and simple minded thinking. Video games are not responsible for America's high violence problem. They've been touting this horn longer than I can remember.

I remember they were talking about Doom and Mortal Kombat being responsible for Colombine. I don't have all the answers but I don't think this line of thinking will lead to a correct conclusion.

MetalArcade1933d ago

Being from Jersey, I can tell you first hand that Christie is a fat useless f*** of a governor.

Ashunderfire861933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I agree with you sir lol!!! A fat dude who act like he is some Mob boss trying to be all bossy.

Metamorph931932d ago

I think he's watched too many movies, honestly (Jersey Shore proved that). No idea how he even got in line to be governor.