Six Things We Want In Dishonored 2

Dishonored was undoubtedly one of the finest games of 2012. And with a sequel most definitely in the offing, it’s hard not to imagine some of the cool additions and advances that could be made in the next installment. FMV Magazine speculates on six things that could make Dishonored 2 even better than its predecessor…

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AmayaAi1900d ago

I want the story to be a little more complex.

WolfLeBlack1900d ago

I don't think it needed to be more complex, just better told. Complex stories are actually fairly easy, but telling a simple story extremely well is very challenging. I'd rather see a well told simple tale than a complex one.

Mind you, a well told complex tale would also be good :)

AmayaAi1900d ago

hmm I think you said what I really meant.

dedicatedtogamers1900d ago

I LOVED the game, but the story was definitely a bit weaker than I would have liked.

For the next game (goodness, I HOPE there's a next game) I would like them to have more integration with powers and the levels. i.e even MORE ways to sneak/kill/dodge/hide in the various levels.

Root1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Corvo to actually interact with the story, you have this little girl who treats you as her own father and you don't say anything to her, even after her mother is murdered right in front of her and after she is kidnapped....come on.

WolfLeBlack1900d ago

My question the hell did he get his job as bodyguard? How'd he even get through the interview?

"so, what were your previous jobs, Mr. Corvo?"
"Okay. Any skills we should know about?"
*Slashes throat of nearest guard*
"Well, that was rather uncalled for."

And yet he must have spoken at somepoint. Lots of people seem to have a very clear idea of who he is, so surely he said something somewhere along the line. But for some reason he couldn't even be bothered to speak to protest his innocence.

Baffling :P

FrostyZipper1900d ago

I take it you watched the Zero Punctuation review for Dishonored?

kma2k1900d ago

thanks you made me actually lol at work & got a bunch of weird looks from people!

shodan741900d ago

I suppose it's difficult to have that when you've got a mute protagonist, but I know what you mean.

Root1900d ago

Well the thing is if your going to have emotional things in the game which actually need an emotional, well interacted response then don't have a mute character. They keep saying it's too make you feel like the character but as "Corvo" I was like "Well go on...say something to her, her mother has just died and your the only person she trusts....go on Corvo"...

If your are going to have a mute character make it seem like they are talking but we can't hear then or have the text box choices like in Fallout 3 where we know he's involved.

I don't mind something like Half Life because at the end of the day I'm like "Well this franchises started in 1998, may as wel continue the series how they started it" but for games coming out this year it's unacceptable in some's 2013 come on guys.

-MD-1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I'd like a less predictable plot twist, personally. I saw that coming from a mile away.

@Drug Addict - Buy a computer.

DrugAddict-1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It needs to not look like a PS2 game

TopDudeMan1900d ago

Who said there'd be a sequel?

WolfLeBlack1900d ago

Bethesda, by saying that they clearly have a new franchise on their hands.