Research results: Gamers outperform non-gamers

Paula Faffles Sneijder Baetu, a student at Wits, doing her honors in Psychology extended an invitation to gamers and non-gamers to be part of her research on video games.

The aim of the research was:

1) To see if there is this relationship between video games and cognition.
2) To see if this relationship is different in two quite different genres (she used shooter and strategy).

We are happy to report that the results are in and it is (un)surprisingly in the favour of gamers.

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PandaMcBearface1897d ago

Yay science! So nice to read something positive about gaming.

schmoe1897d ago

needs more pictures & stuff blowing up

DesVader1897d ago

Heavy reading in that article, but the results do make sense. And "I told you so" :)

Choc_Salties1897d ago

See mom, playing billions of hours of computer games is good for me!