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The Gaming Vault writes:

"With the report coming out earlier last week that Sony has at last halted the worldwide production and shipment of the Playstation 2, we find ourselves at the tail end of a nearly thirteen year era for the console – one of the longest hardware runs for any home console to date.

As well as selling 150 million units; the highest for any home console ever, Sony’s sophomore hardware effort also sold well over 1.5 billion units of software – a pair of hugely impressive numbers whichever way you slice it.

Ultimately though, the most meaningful legacy of any console is defined by its games and it’ll be some of the console’s most notable releases that we’re going to shine the light of nostalgic remembrance on.

Emphasis on ‘some’, so apologies if your favourites are missed out here; but feel free to sing their respective praises in the comments section.

So, grab your beverage and snack of choice, sit your rear end down in something comfy and have a look back some of the gaming highlights of Sony’s second home console that the console will be fondly remembered for."

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borisfett2020d ago

Funny, I actually bought a second hand PS2 a few days before this announcement. I had so much fun with this console. Rest in peace, long live the king, etc.

Bitsnark2020d ago

It was a truly great machine.

I had some of my best experiences in gaming on that lump of plastic *sniff*.

2019d ago
finbars752019d ago

I agree with everyone above me.The console was great and will be missed greatly.The games where awsome and very story driven and never distracting by multiplayer like now a days.I hope that the PS4 will have more success then the PS2 and PS3 but the PS2 will always have a place in our heart thank you Sony.