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New Fallout Game is on the Way - Voice Actor Tweets

The Voice actor, Erik Todd Dellums, widely known for his role of radio DJ "Three Dog" in the post apocalyptic Bethesda RPG Fallout 3, has just tweeted at the possibility that more could be on the way, exciting Fallout fans everywhere. (Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, Dev, Fallout, Fallout 4, Fallout Trilogy, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Walker  +   934d ago
corrus  +   934d ago
Double HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NukaCola  +   934d ago
A hundred thousand times PLEASE!!!!!
Root  +   934d ago
So this means that it's not taking place another 100/200 years in the future...you know with Three Dog still being in the game.

I wonder if you'll be playing the the lone wanderer again. Facing the world a few years later after the waters of life machine has been turned on
Furesis  +   934d ago
it's just his voice actor, he can do other voices as well you know
Root  +   934d ago
Well if thats the case he would of done other voices in Fallout 3 but he didn't. He just did the one, meaning he's probably playing himself again or at leas the son of Three Dog
Son_Lee  +   934d ago
Fallout 4 is probably my most anticipated game that isn't even announced it. However, it's fairly obvious they're working on it in some capacity.
Lisica  +   933d ago
Half Life 3.
Theangrybogan  +   932d ago
Wow people must know you really well to be able to disagree with your most anticipated game, lol.
Despair666  +   934d ago
Cool...going to play fallout 3 & fallout NV now
Perjoss  +   934d ago
at the same time?
Detoxx  +   934d ago
Already played the shit out of these games :D
Nate-Dog  +   934d ago
AWESOME. As long as it isn't as glitchy as the past 2 games have been at times, I'm down for it now baby.
grailly  +   934d ago
I really don't care, I just want more fallout
Nate-Dog  +   934d ago
I want more Fallout too, but I don't want to pay for a broken, unfinished game. The fact that so many people have no problem doing that is the same reason why we continue to get unfinished and rushed games.
Skate-AK  +   934d ago
Awesome. Hopefully the engine runs better on Next Gen hardware.
SneeringImperialist   934d ago | Spam
DudeJets  +   934d ago
I'd be excited as long as Bethesda have nothing to do with it. Crap over rated devs
aLucidMind  +   934d ago
Considering the environment and atmosphere of Fallout 3, I would say they're well-suited for the role. Considering the writing, I agree with you; they should have Obsidian do the writing and Bethesda do the world.
detrabado  +   932d ago
You do realize you're talking about the makers of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2007 Game of the Year), Fallout 3 (2008 Game of the Year), and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which sold over 7 million copies the first week). With these three games combined, the company has made around $1.4 billion. If you don't like the way they make games, go to a different post, because I'm sure mostly everyone who reads this wouldn't agree with you saying they are over-rated. They put in better graphics than any other video game so unless you're stuck in Super Mario World, get with the picture. Or just go back to playing Treyarch games.
DudeJets  +   932d ago
Game of the year and sales means nothing in well aware of who Bethesda are, Graphically there games are nothing special until they are heavily modded on a pc. There are countless developers out there who can make and have made more visually stunning games. Implying I play treyarch titles are laughable. I have been an elder scrolls fan since Daggerfall and played the original Fallout, the fact of the matter is Bethesda release titles with game breaking bugs in them constantly and then take forever to fix an issue. They can't even get there dlc to work on a ps3 which is a bit pathetic. Even on the pc the games are reasonably week and are only thriving because of the modifications made by the community. I like the games I just think the developers are overly hyped nothing they do is ground breaking and they have never made a game without controller shattering bugs, I believe there are other more competent teams out there that could make a better game with the title.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   934d ago
E3 2013... Shit just got real.
Detoxx  +   934d ago
Upcoming E3 will be epic
Bumpmapping   934d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Walker  +   934d ago
2013 with Fallout 4, The Last of Us, GTA 5, Bishock: Infinite, Tomb Raider, MGS: Ground Zeroes and etc will be best gaming year to date .
Ezz2013  +   934d ago
god of war ascension , beyond, ni no kuni and MGS:R
the list go on and on
detrabado  +   932d ago
Don't forget Elder Scrolls Online.
JohnApocalypse  +   934d ago
Plz be next gen
Tru_Blu  +   934d ago
I'm with you on that
Aggesan  +   934d ago
I would be quite ok with them using a polished up version of the Skyrim engine. Next gen would be fine as well though, but the wait...
Theangrybogan  +   932d ago
Why not both? Tends to happen late gen.
detrabado  +   932d ago
I actually believe it will be, with the 720 to be out at the end of the year and the PS4 to be in the start of 2014, combined with mid-2013 as the potential ESO launch, they may not have a choice but to make it next gen.
spartanlemur  +   934d ago
I must be one of the few people who don't find fallout enjoyable any more. Perhaps I've just become bored of wasteland in video games, but I just find the series boring (so much so that I barely got halfway through FNV before I quit).
We all knew this was coming with Bethesda fighting so hard to reign in control over the Fallout license, but I was secretly hoping that Bethesda would create a new ip, perhaps in space, using the Skyrim engine.

Having said that, if Bethesda add something new to the game (perhaps building up a city by inviting survivors to head there for a new life and resolving problems there as de facto sheriff) I could find it more interesting than Skyrim.
Npugz7  +   934d ago
This game should look sweet on next gen consoles!
TukkerIntensity  +   934d ago
No you are not alone. The first Fallout was fun but that was about all I needed - it seems the series has been getting buggier and buggier and I'm not sure I'm holding my breath for FO4 if it's going to be more of the same and more of the same buggyness.
KwietStorm  +   934d ago
Cool, but three dog needs to get eaten by a behemoth in the first 15 minutes of gameplay.
Vladplaya  +   934d ago
Couldn't stand Fallout 3 or NV because of how glitchy they were. Hopefully Fallout 4 will actually be decent, even though i doubt it.
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josephayal  +   934d ago
Hazmat13  +   934d ago
yes! love fallout and they better use a new engine!
FarCryLover182  +   934d ago
I have a feeling that this will release Spring 2014.

Oblivion - Spring 2006
Fallout 3- Fall 2008
Skyrim- Fall 2011
Fallout 4- Spring 2014???

I feel like this game is farther along than we think if they are already on the search for voice actors. I don't think it will come out this fall (but MAYBE it will), but I think Spring would be a great time for it to release.
LtSkittles  +   933d ago
Actually, if they were going by your development schedule it would release this year.
unchartedxplorer  +   934d ago
Fallout 4: Now with more lag on the playstation!
ajax17  +   934d ago
Hopefully it'll be next gen! That would be a great launch game!
claud3  +   934d ago
it's just a tweet, nothing to it
NewVegasTroop  +   934d ago
hope its next gen and made by Obsidian or at least i hope Bethesda keeps everything Obsidian did and expand upon it. Like the faction system, where like for example you can wear one faction's outfit and assassinate another faction's leader (or just cause trouble on their towns, like stealing, etc.) and then this would cause a conflict between the two and cause random encounters where they'll engage in a fight, but obviously with the small factions because we will have two main factions that are enemies by default.

make more factions, more weapon mods (armor mods too, why not?!), more recipes, more gun ammo, more constructable guns, and more jazz music. this are just some of the improvements on top of my head.
kevcampbell  +   934d ago
I was posting/discussing things i would love to see at this years e3 earlier and while i listed some predictions i also made a comment about how i would love to see fallout 4 and battlefield 4 at e3 too

Then i come on here to find this news, awesome!
aLucidMind  +   933d ago
Fallout 3 had a great environment and atmosphere, but poor writing at best; New Vegas had good writing but the environment and atmosphere wasn't all that good. I would hope Bethesda works on FO4's world while Obsidian work on the writing and features since then it would be the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, this is apparently too idealistic for Bethesda.
THE_MACGREGOR  +   933d ago
B-LOW Me is your reply
THE_MACGREGOR  +   933d ago
Fallout 3 had $h1tty writing? Are you kidding me! Dude
Liberty Prime that was tight the voice work. His ability to just mash on anything. I enjoy the little kid town story line. The ghouls and goul town. Megaton has an awesome tree style mission objective for karma. The ant vs mechanic part that was pretty neat. The slaver town, knowing your walking into a town with everyone watching your move and packing heat. And every dlc was wrote nicely to correlate with fallout 3 retail game. So how bethesda sucks at writing makes me question if your life is worth keeping ;) fallout 3 was one if not ever the best gaming experience in explorations ever. Also the Enclave- wanting to track down Potus Eden. Only to find out hes a computee mainframe. Genius on bethesda work.
TheSaint  +   933d ago
Really the SAME voice actors AGAIN? This guy was in Skyrim as well.

Come on Beth, you make amazing games but you often mess up the little things.
millzy102  +   933d ago
this website is a bit slow, so I take it no one watched the teaser trailer last year with a person in power armor standing in a log cabin in the middle of a Forrest. I knew this about 4 months ago.
#30 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Theangrybogan  +   932d ago
People knew about it. They also knew it was clearly FAKE

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