New Fallout Game is on the Way - Voice Actor Tweets

The Voice actor, Erik Todd Dellums, widely known for his role of radio DJ "Three Dog" in the post apocalyptic Bethesda RPG Fallout 3, has just tweeted at the possibility that more could be on the way, exciting Fallout fans everywhere.

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corrus2042d ago

Double HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NukaCola2042d ago

A hundred thousand times PLEASE!!!!!

Root2042d ago

So this means that it's not taking place another 100/200 years in the know with Three Dog still being in the game.

I wonder if you'll be playing the the lone wanderer again. Facing the world a few years later after the waters of life machine has been turned on

Furesis2042d ago

it's just his voice actor, he can do other voices as well you know

Root2042d ago

Well if thats the case he would of done other voices in Fallout 3 but he didn't. He just did the one, meaning he's probably playing himself again or at leas the son of Three Dog

Son_Lee2043d ago

Fallout 4 is probably my most anticipated game that isn't even announced it. However, it's fairly obvious they're working on it in some capacity.

Theangrybogan2041d ago

Wow people must know you really well to be able to disagree with your most anticipated game, lol.

Despair6662043d ago

Cool...going to play fallout 3 & fallout NV now

Detoxx2042d ago

Already played the shit out of these games :D

Nate-Dog2042d ago

AWESOME. As long as it isn't as glitchy as the past 2 games have been at times, I'm down for it now baby.

grailly2042d ago

I really don't care, I just want more fallout

Nate-Dog2042d ago

I want more Fallout too, but I don't want to pay for a broken, unfinished game. The fact that so many people have no problem doing that is the same reason why we continue to get unfinished and rushed games.

Skate-AK2042d ago

Awesome. Hopefully the engine runs better on Next Gen hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.