DmC Devil May Cry: ‘Ninja Theory have been amazing’, say Capcom

VG247: DmC: Devil May Cry launches worldwide next week, putting to bed years of controversy and speculation around the title. Capcom has told VG247 that through it all, developer Ninja Theory have been amazing to work with, and that they view the title as a true partnership founded on mutual respect.

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jc485731896d ago

then why make vergil dlc

DragonKnight1896d ago

That's Capcom's choice since they are the publisher.

VileAndVicious1896d ago

Free DLC with preorder...
How dare they!

Godmars2901895d ago

To promote day-one sales. Whether its going to be on disc after they've not only been criticized - twice now? - and promised a third time they'd stop doing it is going to be a thing.

vallencer1895d ago


Gearbox had a free character for pre order to help drive sales I'm sure and guess what?? It wasn't in disc hell it didn't get released until a month later. Just because its a pre order bonus doesn't mean it's on disc.

Godmars2901895d ago

Not talking about gearbox, we're talking About Capcom. And Capcom has put DLC on disc for free and for sale and not seen an issue with doing so despite major criticism. Have promised not to do so again only to do so again. Have promised directly with this title not to do so again.

It wont really mean jack if they do so again this time, but only because their word has become *THAT* worthless. They need to follow through here just so they can be called dishonest bastards.

Sevir1895d ago

NT already said they aren't doing on-disc dlc, and for the record, the DLC is free to those who pure order but won't be launched until until mid february.

Godmars2901895d ago

And again we're talking about Capcom who are publishing it. Who are the ones actually putting it on the disc. Who have also said that they don't know or see the difference between on or off disc DLC. Who did it right after saying they'd stop.

Also not like NT "word" means anything when they've yet to deliver anything more than overhyped "so-so" titles.

And what exactly does a month's difference make? Didn't Capcom "put out" color pallets months after SF-v-Marvel which were on disc?

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DragonKnight1896d ago

Yes, because insulting the Devil May Cry series, its fans, its original creators, and bastardizing/butchering Devil May Cry is such an amazing and wonderful thing to do.

WolfLeBlack1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Exactly how do you see them as having butchered the series? And this isn't some sarcastic question, I'm genuinely interested in your view.

To me, as a reboot it's supposed to be wildly different while keeping alive the core of the series, which I view as the combat. The combat is largely the same as the original DMC back in 2001, except a bit slower and easier to allow for a new audience to get into the game, so I feel they've kept the core intact.

Apart from that, go nuts, I reckon. Capcom have said that if they wanted another game the same they'd have just done it themselves, and in todays market where gamers tend to complain that companies won't take chances or radically alter their big franchises (Gears of War: Judgement was getting bashed for this very reason) I find it ironic that they complain when Capcom actually do take a big chance.

DMC is an icon. It's their biggest name. And they've taken a huge chance with it, and for that I have to tip my hat to them, whether the game turns out to be crap or awesome.

For me, DmC is a game I'll judge on its own merits. Comparisons to previous games are unavoidable, but ultimately I'll form my view based on DmCs own merits. It's not DMC5 and its not trying to be, it's a reboot, and so to me knocking it for being different sort of defeats the purpose.

I love DMC. I've been with it from the start, but I do have to say that really the series hasn't changed all that much over the years, so something like this intrigues me. I hope it'll be a good game, and if it isn't then at least Capcom gave it a shot.

I'd love to hear your view on it.

zerocrossing1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

In short a reboot is meant to be an improvement over a game that in it's current form has either reached its limit mechanically or is showing it's age.

DmC is a step backwards for the franchise in almost every way possible, choppy mechanics, reduced to 30 fps, ugly design even the characters are less appealing, and they felt the need to tack on a pointless sex scene, it's fine if people still like it but just realise its nothing when compared the previous games.

Hanso1896d ago

-30 fps on consoles
-slow combat
-enemys are slow
-axe wrecks everything while the scythe is very weak
-Stylemeter broken
-no fucking lock on
-no styles aka royal guard
-devil trigger launches all enemys and looks boring
-Boss Battle in the demo too easy as is SoS Mode
also many reviews mentioned Boss Battles in general are bad in DmC
-specific enemys can only be killed either by angel or demon weapons kinda stupid in a devil may cry ..hah

DragonKnight1896d ago

Do I really need to go into the list that everyone has posted about this game again? I will in just a second but I think you and everyone who uses the "reboot" excuse need to understand something. Reboots don't get off scot free. This "reimagining" as they are calling it is trying to cash in on the name of Devil May Cry and yet NT, Capcom, and "it's a reboot" apologisers want the game to be judged as though it is a new and separate game. Given what the attitude of Capcom and Ninja Theory has been about this game (meaning they want people to integrate it into canon) this isn't the same thing as Spider-man being someone else (which also pissed a lot of people off). This is a game trying to have its cake and eat it to. When you look at games like the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot and the Mortal Kombat reboot, here you see how a reboot should be done. When you look at the DmC "reimagining" you see a developer's arrogance in the form of a game, and a publisher's complete disregard for the people that built the franchise to a state where its name can sell games. That's one reason DmC is a terrible game.

Beyond that there's the terrible characters, the cliche story, dubstep music, tacked on sex scene and wanton cursing just to seem edgy yet coming off completely douchey, the ugly characters, the complete butchering of Vergil, the slow and accessible combat (which btw is NOT the core of a DMC game) which is probably just as broken in the retail game as it is in the demo, the stupidity of making certain enemies immune to all but one weapon, I can really spend all day just listing everything that is wrong with this game if I had more bubbles and more character space.

fei-hung1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I ask the question to all, what is a reboot?

when spiderman, batman, thundercats and many ther series were rebooted, then may have had a slight change in appearance, but the essence of the franchise remained the same.

Spiderman didn't turn into a college jock, batman's dad didnt become a playboy millionaire and bruce's mom didn't become some a woman who once had an affair with Bruce Wayne's dad at some point leading to the birth of a bastard child.

The changes made are subtle, the story may get told from another perspecive, but the essence remains. Often enough, reboots are done because the franchise has become stale and they have exhausted all avenues on how to progress the story and therefore, they rejuvinate the franchise, they reboot it. This is my understanding of a reboot.

In regards to DMC, the shortcomings have been due to Capcom cutting corners, not the franchise becoming stale. There is plenty to explore in the old DMC universe and plenty of stories to go along with it. The combat and gameplay has always been great (apart from DMC2) and the likes of Bayonetta and Darksiders prove that there is a lot more that could have been done had Capcom not got lazy.

If I go by my understanding of a reboot and why one is needed, DmC had no reason to come into existence. there was no need to reboot it and even if they did, the changes they made are so big, it walks a very fine line between it being a reboot and a new IP all together.

The story, history, characters, world and gameplay have all seen a drastic change. Nothing remains apart from names from the old franchise.

The fluid, deep combat, intense gameplay has been replaced with button mashing. Dante has gone from anime cool to... well I don't even know what he has turned into... a chav maybe?!

NT and Capcom are guarenteed to compliment one another and boast about their game. it would be stupid not to. The real question is how they will react if they do not get the sales they are expecting.

DMC 3 sold over 4million copies (inc the special edition).

DMC4, where Capcom chose to cut corners like they did in DMC2 sold about 2.7million copies across 2 consoles.

DMC HD collection in its limited run and next to zero marketing and limited copies sold about 700k copies (not including digital sales).

DmC was projected to sell 5million copies across 2 platforms and now this has been dropped to 2million copies.

Looking at past NT games for comparison, Heavenly Sword sold just over 1.5million as a launch title for the PS3 and Enslaved with marketing and release on 2 consoles sold under a million copies (even after being reduced to £20 after a few months of release).

NT having expensive habits when making games (studios they hire and actors), plus staff costs and marketing costs, how many copies do you think will need to be sold at full price for Capcom to break even? not to forget the amount they had to pay for damage control every time Tameem opened his mouth and spoke crap?

Looking at Platinum Games, how efficient the team is at making quality games and at a lower cost, would Capcom have been better off hiring them to make a sequel to DMC5 as requested and begged for by most fans who have been following the DMC series?

It will be interesting to see the sales for DmC and how this will affect NT and Capcom's relationship.

jeremyj29131896d ago

Biggest issue I've had with the game since it's announcement is the fact that they are rebooting an unfinished story. Do they plan to finish that story or is it just being abandoned?

TheBlackSmoke1896d ago

Oh pleaaase stfu about it now. Jesus christ, your'e acting like NT just danced on your ancestors grave.

From the very first piece of media released you whiners have had something negative to complain about. There's no point in listing things out as it just shows how desperate you are to make this game out to be what you want it to be.

I can break down any favourite game of mine and point out only flaws, and I too will have a wall of butthurt to write down.

The fact is you do NOT speak for the majority of DmC fans, You are not informing or making people see the light with your completely biased opinion.

If the game is good then surely as real gamers, that's all we want in the end.

And in the end, You dont have to play it. We know you are obviously pro and beat dmc3 on dante must die mode with sss ranking in every chapter, so why dont you just go back to it and enjoy it some more. Because clearly the last dmc games were all flawless and had story written by JR Tolkien.

VileAndVicious1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

@fei hung

Actually, spiderman is African American/Hispanic now with slightly different powers than Peter Parker.

His name is Miles Molares. Peter Parker is dead.
Just sayin...


I know lol. But he was saying they never change characters around too much with reboots. And since he used Spider man as an example I couldn't resist.

WolfLeBlack1895d ago


Peter Parker is only dead in the Ultimate universe, though, mate. He's still alive and kicking arse in the main Marvel 'verse :D

fei-hung1895d ago


ahaaaa! i'm glad you brought up the spiderman point and this goes for batman and many other comic book characters.

The point you made is awesome and do you know why? these characters are alternate universe characters. Meaning the original spiderman is still there in his universe with his history and his chums.

Had DmC been an alternate universe game with both franchise still running, this DmC would not have had the backlash it did and both could have co-existed in harmony.

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Hingle_Mcringleberry1896d ago

Genuine question, what did they say to insult devil may cry fans? I keep hearing this but nobody explains to me.

MikeMyers1896d ago

I would like to see this as well. I haven't gotten any e-mails sent my way from the developers insulting me.

Xklaw1896d ago

And that just the tip of the iceberg. There´s alot more videos from him regarding DMC, all with info links proving what´s is saying.

Here´s one video after the demo

He even got Capcom attention

fei-hung1895d ago

I think this video says it all:

dmc breakdown starts at about 14mins.

I think you have to understand, to be insulted, one doesnt have to directly insult you. By someone treating you stupid and trying to flog off something by talking crap could also be considered an insult.

The video covers a lot of the crap that some fans consider an insult.

MikeMyers1895d ago

Nothing from them there.

I'm not going to waste 50 minutes looking for something. I watched the first 2 and it's another guy going on and on. It's not the developer.

A guy talking about Gregman (an employee from Capcom) and how respectful he was.

"I think you have to understand, to be insulted, one doesnt have to directly insult you. By someone treating you stupid and trying to flog off something by talking crap could also be considered an insult.

The video covers a lot of the crap that some fans consider an insult. "

That's fine but I was looking for something more black and white. Something relevant to go off of.

To me this seems to be another case where fans feel like they aren't being heard so they become aggressive. So again I ask, why do I feel like I haven't been insulted by them? I haven't gotten any e-mails with insults flying my way.

Play the game, don't play the game, doesn't matter either way to anyone else. That is your decision. What I will not accept is people trying to impose those opinions onto me.

Games are a form of entertainment, if they don't entertain you then play something else. Lots of choices out there so don't bother people who want to play this game. That to me is totally unacceptable. We don't need internet trolls going around on forums trying to discourage people from playing it. People have a right to complain about the game and people also have a right to look forward and enjoy that game without being harassed, belittled or being disrespectful. I don't work for Capcom and I imagine most people here don't. Have a beef with them then keep it between you and them, not on forums where you have people who may be interested in the game.

Whitefox7891895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

@MikeMyers I wouldn't exactly call this an insult however this makes me really question Tameen's methodology as a software developer (or as a product developer for that matter),

For this quote:

"Usually the worst creative crimes are made when you're trying to make a game for someone else - some perceived demographic that, in all likelihood, doesn't actually exist."

Some perceived demographic that, in all likelihood, doesn't actually exist.

I'm sorry but this statement is just so wrong on so many levels. First thing that is wrong with it is, he's making a game that's off an established franchise so yes there is a demographic that does exist the fans of previous DMC games (unless he's saying those don't exist).

Second thing that is wrong with that statement is, even if it was a new game there is always going to be a perceived demographic of users that you want to promote your product to (unless you make something so radically different that it creates a new genre of a game) i.e. you make a fighting game your going to appeal to the fighting game community, you make a shooting game (third person or first person) your going to try to appeal to multiple game communities based on shooters also maybe some action gamer's as well.

I will say this design philosophy is not only wrong in the department of software considering creativity isn't limited to just mainstream media but if your going to make any kind of product (I can guarantee this I've been to enough product meetings and seminars in college to know this) your going to spend a good chunk of time talking about the user demographic your trying to get to purchase your product therefore you need to find some creative means to appeal to that userbase.

I'll end this by giving an example before the iPhone or touchscreens for that matter were in existence there was a Microsoft Palm Pilot that essentially performed all the functionality of an iPhone reason you probably never heard of it? It did terrible in sales because it failed to find that creative aspect about it to make it stand out to appeal to that perceived demographic that it was developed for (aka it was too technical and clunky to use).

Apple comes out with the iPhone and integrates a touchscreen and software beautifully in a way that its easier for users to utilize its functionality therefore it became the most popular phone on the market and gain the company recognition for how successful the product is from critics, among the companies peers, and its competitors (this is coming from someone who doesn't own an iPhone btw :D).

MikeMyers1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

"Some perceived demographic that, in all likelihood, doesn't actually exist.

I'm sorry but this statement is just so wrong on so many levels. First thing that is wrong with it is, he's making a game that's off an established franchise so yes there is a demographic that does exist the fans of previous DMC games (unless he's saying those don't exist)."

And as a consumer you have the choice not to buy the game. So how is that an insult when the intellectual property is not owned by you or I? They can do what they wish with the franchise, you have the option to support or not support their direction. That's the end of it.

What people tend to forget is they owe you nothing. All they can do is try and win you over as a customer but along the way they can choose their own path. It's not up to the fans to decide how a game is made. This isn't a Kickstarter funded game. We don't have any investment in it other than a built up history from previous games. There is no justification for the development team to be harassed. They can be open for criticisms they can hear peoples concerns but at the end of the day they don't have to really react and implement them. They are the ones who are funding the project in hopes people support it. We are just potential customers and people need to get a reality check. It's a videogame, that is all.

I want to hear peoples honest responses to the game after they have played it. Both good and bad. Whatever the case may be. People should be able to voice their opinions. However I don't want to see people try and overshadow other peoples opinions because they have an agenda to make sure the game fails. They need to move on, not disrupt those who want to share their experience with the game.

There's a huge difference between I didn't really like the game as opposed to I don't want anybody to support the developers so I will troll every review and every article on the game and make sure my voice is heard over and above anyone who may say something positive about it.

Whitefox7891895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I wasn't calling what he was saying as an insult,

I was calling what he said as being ludicrous as a methodology of developing software.

As for Capcom not owing their fans anything that's a bit debatable because its because as with any company or corporation its the consumers purchasing their products that they got to where they are today. So they still have to keep their fanbases or consumers interests at heart [ever heard the old saying the customer is always right, my father who has been a small business owner for over 30 years has always told me his customer is his boss.] otherwise they will lose money and jobs. They also lose our own investment in a purchase for the game as I'm sure will be evident with DmC(you think people in the west are ticked off about DmC the japanese fanbase anger is tenfold of what you'll see on N4G).

I will agree with what you said about the IP being their's to do with what they will; I will say personally I think especially now in days that its wrong for companies to pass off their IP's like this to other developers and they should personally have some input from their creators [Hideki Kamiya realized this, that is why he himself owns the Bayonetta IP not Sega so he was able to go to Nintendo to publish Bayonetta 2], because its not companies that make these games its people and when you take the people that made game special you lose the soul of what made it great in the first place (Silent Hill series being a great example of this, games haven't been good since Team Silent disbanded at Konami after Silent Hill 3). It may be just video games however you should know well enough how caught up people will be in this kind of thing.

"I want to hear peoples honest responses to the game after they have played it. Both good and bad. Whatever the case may be. People should be able to voice their opinions. However I don't want to see people try and overshadow other peoples opinions because they have an agenda to make sure the game fails. They need to move on, not disrupt those who want to share their experience with the game.

There's a huge difference between I didn't really like the game as opposed to I don't want anybody to support the developers so I will troll every review and every article on the game and make sure my voice is heard over and above anyone who may say something positive about it."

I agree with everything you say here, I'd like to think that the DMC fanbase isn't just some enraged dogs ready to sink their fangs into anyone who praises this game. I would say majority of the fanbase doesn't mind if you say anything positive but if people go about saying, "DmC is awesome, the old DMC haters are just caught up in the hair color." That's when people start to get angry. People who support the new direction need to realize that the people who don't approve of the change don't like the game so they shouldn't try to agitize them by acting like this title has something to prove, after all like you said it is just a video game.

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1896d ago
zerocrossing1896d ago

OK Im getting really fed up with this "why do you guys hate DmC" nonsense.

Since you all already know where the hate is coming from I pose a question to you defenders out there, why do you like DmC? What's so good about it? I want you to try and justify yourselves for once.

This is a genuine question since Id like to know what's going on at the other side of the fence.

kenshiro1001896d ago

Maybe because people are willing to give the game a chance before they judge it? What a novel concept!

zerocrossing1896d ago

Honestly? That's your response? Well OK.

The game has been played in demo form by pretty much everyone concerned by now and forgive me if Im mistaken but, a demo is supposed to be a taste of what to expect, yes?, needless to say most of us are stuck with a bad after taste. In short the demo didn't impress.

With all the info all ready open to us such as developer news, reviews, game trailers and now the DmC demo, how can anyone say we haven't given the game a chance yet?


kenshiro1001896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

So what you're saying is just because you didn't like the demo (along with people bashing the game), everyone should join together with pitchforks and threaten to burn Capcom to the ground instead of forming their own opinion.


I didn't play the demo yet (which I will today), but I will form my own opinion.

zerocrossing1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Ohh so you're still under the delusion that everyone who dislike the game is throthing at the mouth ready to burn down Capcom and NT.

No, sorry I may not like the game but each to their own and all that, no this is about the bloody obvious fact that the game is Inferior to the previous titles and its got nothing to do with opinion its to do with hard evidence and facts.

We all stated why we dislike DmC now it's your turn to justify why you like an inferior product and are fine with Capcom and NT butchering a franchise for the sake of raking in a few more sales.

OK well that's good and if you like it fine, if you don't well that's also fine, no one is trying to force their opinion on you I just got tired of having to defend it and thought it'd be nice to hear see what the other side thinks.

VileAndVicious1895d ago

"Since you all already know where the hate is coming from I pose a question to you defenders out there, why do you like DmC? What's so good about it? I want you to try and justify yourselves for once."

Because we think it's fun. That's why anyone likes anything.
Because we don't think combat is as bad as you think it is

Because we don't think 30 fps is a big deal, especially considering that not all DMC games ran at 60 fps.

Because we don't think the story is as bad as you think it is. Is it great? Probably not. But considering that the previous DMC games weren't strong in this department it's no big deal because it hasnt been.

Because I know that the demo takes place during the 4th and 6th missions and don't expect missions 4 and 6 out of 21 to be blistering hard.

Because its a reboot and it intrigues us.

Kratoscar20081895d ago

Pretty much this, i eenjoyed DMC but after 4 it was getting boring. I loved Heavenly Sword so im loving this game too.

Whitefox7891895d ago

"Because we don't think 30 fps is a big deal, especially considering that not all DMC games ran at 60 fps."

Which ones are you talking about? Because I know for a fact every Devil May Cry game even Devil May Cry 2 ran at 60 FPS (except the PAL version of Devil May Cry 1 which ran at 50 FPS). Hell people were praising about the PC version of DmC running at 60 FPS, DMC4 on the PC can run at 120 FPS.

If your wondering why framerate is important for an action game like this its not in the sense of appearance (because unless you have incredible eyes you'll barely be able to tell the difference between 30 FPS vs 60 FPS for a video game). It's more about responsiveness from the controls even Hideo Kojima is becoming more of an advocate for 60 FPS, when he gave the reigns to Platinum games to make MG Rising he made this request, "A Raiden that moves at 60FPS, that controls well and looks good." Heck he even had them bumped up MGS3 for the HD Collection which was originally at 30 FPS to 60 FPS.

Your free to like this game as you want I've already said my piece about the game itself, however I did just want to clarify some things with you when it comes to framerate.

FrostyZipper1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I've got two friends, both avid gamers who have preordered this. One says she likes the original series, the other had heard the name thrown around now and then but hadn't actually played any of them. I saw them sitting on a couch at uni playing through the demo one day and asked them if they thought it was any good (which is when I found out that they'd both preordered it). Both of them said yes and, curious, I asked them what they enjoyed about it.

The first friend who'd played through the original series said she found it more accessible, saying that in the original series she felt a lot of pressure to try for the SSS rank and she simply didn't feel that in the demo, claiming that she felt free to simply play as she liked and not be too fussed about getting graded at the end. She did say however that the lack of a lock-on made combat occasionally (moreso ranged combat) a little awkward at times, and she wasn't much of a fan of NT Dante's 'badittude'.

The other friend gave a long-winded explanation which pretty much boiled down to: 'I like ripping shit up'. He's doing Graphic Design and says that he digs the visual design and has actually tried incorporating some of this aesthetic into his own work which is another story for another time.

I don't like this game, nor do I like the original series but people will like and hate what they'll like and hate, hell, I actually enjoyed the game Fire Warrior but everyone else I've talked to about it thinks it's a pile of arse. I'm trying not to get up on my high horse and if I have then by all means, shoot me down, but some things are popular (and by extent unpopular) for a reason.

zerocrossing1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Thanks I actually found your reply very refreshing, Im not beyond understanding that some people will like the reboot, and heck if it was a new IP Id probably be more inclined to like it myself.

My major concern beyond the games new aesthetics and mechanics (and Im almost certain others share it) is that if this reboot succeeds we can kiss goodbye to the old Dante we all like and well that would just suck...

I have no more bubbles! quick everyone bubble me up!... No?, nothing? OK worth a shot lol

vallencer1895d ago

Honestly I enjoyed the demo completely. I've played all the other ones and they are all good, except DMC 2 and 4 could of used a lot more work. But for me I like Dante's new attitude and I love the art style. The combat for me is also a lot more fluid and accessible.

I like old Dante I do but I think the new Dante is a much better fit in NT world than the old one.

I get hating and being disappointed in something but what I don't get is why people don't give something a chance. For example I absolutely love the NInja Gaiden series for me it's one of the best. I knew what they were doing with 3 and I was worried yes but I waited until the game came out an I gave it a shot and it turns out it was the biggest piece of garbage I've ever played. But the point is I tried it which I feel like no person who loves DMC is going to do with this game.

It's different and not like te original DMC I understand but if the only real complaint people have is he isn't the original Dante and its 30 fps then I still think you should give it a chance. Yes the combat is easier. I find that to be nice I neer got SSS in the other ones but I also didn't care I played it because I thought they were fun and I find this one fun. So in short that's why I'm getting it. I'm also intrigued by the story and you may hate NT but their stories in their games are good.

FrostyZipper1895d ago

Well sorry man but as far as I know (and I'm fully aware that my memory's more than a little hazy on the matter, so someone might need to correct me on this), the original series ended with Dante stranding himself in hell to save humanity or something. Unless Capcom pulls something out of its ass I really don't think there's much chance of a return to form so to speak. That said however I do think I remember reading a very, VERY early article suggesting Capcom was open to the idea of bringing DMC5 into play if DmC sells well enough. From the reaction to NT's effort though I'm far from convinced that's going to happen.

Sorry you lot but I think that, if you haven't already, you'd probably best say your goodbyes to the old series; and while I don't share your sentiments towards DMC, I hope you find something else.

Sevir1895d ago

We we speak for yourself someone who hates the game takes personal offense to what any of us open minded gamers are interested in on an individual basis. Especially if we've spoken on our own play through and opinions.

The fact of the matter is the gamers here who are excited about this game came to that point buy making the decision that being a fan of the franchise, dismissing the game entirely due to mostly cosmetic changes is silly.

What's the point of justifying your personal reasons for liking something when everyone else is so aggressive and hateful for you having your own individual resolve.

A few days ago, I posted that I finally preordered the game and was looking forward to playing it for myself to see how it stands up with previously DMCs... Someone came on completely ignoring my reference to myself and began using "we" like I ever spoke for them and even tried to disenfranchise from the series by calling himself an original fan and began speaking for everyone while assuming I started gaming in the ps3 generation.

This is the crap that this community and alot of others elsewhere does because they take a hobby too seriously.

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