My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic will be part of EVO 2013

For those uninitiated to the My Little Pony phenomenon, this may be strange and confusing news, but a My Little Pony fighting game will be part of the annual EVO fighting game tournament this year.

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masterabbott1840d ago

honestly what the .... is this .... is this a joke ?

masterabbott1840d ago

No way im not going to believe this till i see it with my own two eyes!

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Viro1840d ago

Well, its not official. But for the 8th game at Evo, the guys behind it have put it up to the community with a pay-to-vote system, of which the proceeds will go to a Breast Cancer foundation.
MLP is just one of the entrees at this point, seeing as it only started a few hours ago.

LinkageAX1840d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.