Video: PS3 UT3 Lego Mod

This video shows a great Unreal Tournament 3 mod with the world done as LEGO Land. All of the environments are destructible and it looks near perfect. Not only can you watch the video, you can download the mod for your very own if you'd like. It resides on GameBlews along with instructions for use on both US and EU PS3s. You can check out another video of the map after the jump.

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gamesR4fun3919d ago

ya it is should see it on a big hd tv jaw dropping
lvls pretty small but its a tester for the guy who made it he says we'll see more stuff soon.

any troubles getting it to work (took me a little digging to find a working mod for my NA ps3) pm me
also if you want to try it online add me psn id dferr

TheHater3919d ago

Dammit, i still didn't got a chance to upload this to my ps3 as yet.

chasuk083919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

trust me on hd this map is ugly, horrible jagged edges, but the physics are awesome

gamesR4fun3919d ago

jagged my butt sure you have a hd tv?
looks freaky how smooth it is some frame drops when you have a ton of bots and crap bouncing all over tho. But considering you need a physics card to run this on the pc version....

madness10103919d ago

i am definitely getting this

heyheyhey3919d ago

man mods can be completely insane

and the physics on these legos are insane as well- it reminded me of smashing up my own lego creations as a kid

wow4u3919d ago

You're remembering all the way back to last week eh?

kevin11223918d ago

that was a nice response n4 lol.

heyheyhey3918d ago

that was pretty funny so it's ok

but FirstknighT how about you say something funny at least once and then say "Ouch" or whatever

but that was freakin hilarious n4- props to you

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The story is too old to be commented.