5 System Sellers the Wii U Needs

Dustin Spencer writes:

"The Wii U has been out for over a month now, and I have had the opportunity to put a good number of the releases through their paces (you can check out our reviews for Wii U titles here). Super Mario Bros. U, Zombi U, and Nintendo Land are all excellent starts for the system, but if Nintendo wants to continue to have momentum behind their new console, they need to start announcing something big – as the release line-up for the next few months is quite limited. I’m not just talking about Call of Duty “big” either, I am talking about games that would send fans into a ruckus, lighting up discussions and hype as a release date would draw closer."

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discordman2049d ago

Super Mario RPG 2 and Resident Evil 0. Interesting.

masterabbott2049d ago

both i have to agree with, would be awesome to see RE.0 on the Wii U

TongkatAli2049d ago

Resident Evil 0 with online co-op would be super F amazing.

DarkBlood2049d ago

if its going to be the same game then ehhhh i dont know about that but being a resident evil fan i'll just get it anyways lol

anime_swag_pro2049d ago

You could not be more right.

koga882049d ago

I would love for Nintendo to create one another Super Mario RPG, not the Paper Mario ones but with an actual story like the classic. Unfortunately I'm not sure they'd ever do that again... they don't even make RPGs themselves anymore unless you count Fire Emblem and that is a SRPG more than anything else.

futurefrog2049d ago

I prefer Paper Mario sorry

futurefrog2049d ago


LinkageAX2049d ago


rbailey2049d ago

Great list and well thought out.

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The story is too old to be commented.