GamerNode reviews Conflict: Denied Ops

Conflict: Denied Ops is a cookie cutter FPS game which uses dough well past its expiration date. If you've played every other current FPS on the market give it a shot; if you haven't, there's much better gaming available.

Gameplay: The only unique thing about this game is how well it manages to fail to even live up to the cookie cutter FPS formula it tries to utilize.

Graphics: A few things look good here and there, but this would look poor even as a launch title.

Sound: The weapons sound weak, and the banter between Lang and Graves is worse than even the corniest 80s buddy cop flick.

Replay Value: The game takes about 5 hours to beat the campaign, and you'll be lucky to last that long.

Final Word: This game attempts to fill the cookie cutter FPS mold, but uses dough way beyond expiration. GamerNode can think of no good reason to recommend this game to any FPS fans.

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Khan6133946d ago

I thought I'd gone back in time maybe 5 years when playing this title.

The graphics reminded me a bit of an Xbox (original, NOT 360) version of Operation Flashpoint.

Very very.....VERY disappointing.