10 PS2 games I'll never forget -

The PS2 is coming to an end after 12 years and 150 million units sold. What games stand out above the rest?

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Cam9772018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

So... Does this make the Ps2 a "retro" console?
Not quite!

Tetsujin2018d ago

I'm waiting on official word from Sony that it's dead or retired before I'd put it in that category. They did stop shipments but I want the actual word before going further.

crazysammy2018d ago

What exactly is your definition of dead or retired? They stopped manufacturing consoles. If you mean that no more games are coming out that could be another year or two in Japan.

As far as terminology retro has an incredibly loose meaning and who cares why someone calls it what they want.

Tetsujin2018d ago

I'm surprised Socom 2 didn't make that list, but I'm glad Vice City/San Andreas did.

Rainstorm812018d ago

One things for sure we won't see a console with market penetration like the PS2 ever again.

amaguli2018d ago

What about Kingdom Hearts or Xenosaga? Great list nonetheless, it really is tough to limit yourself to just 10 games from the PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.