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Pokémon X and Y is risk Nintendo needs to take

MMGN.com's iamtom writes about why the new Pokémon games are a risk for Nintendo, and why it's a good idea for them to take it. (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Pokemon, Pokemon X and Y)

Y_5150  +   650d ago
I think in a way. Black and white had this big risk of putting out a new Pokemon game with every single Pokemon is new to the series (if I'm correct, haven't played it) I never got interested enough to buy it yet...
specsmatter  +   650d ago
This isnt no damn risk! In the bottom of all this is the same formula that makes all these kids and teens buy this game and they will buy it again. The same repetitive and mudane battle system.
Nexgensensation  +   650d ago
which is fun and addictive
this game series is pretty much the madden of this genre
specsmatter  +   650d ago
Im sure all those ppl that buy it dont disagree (although ive played Pokemon and its just too boring and repetitive to me).

And i know those kids love Pokemon
Nexgensensation  +   650d ago
its def. one of those games you keep in the closet.
admiralvic  +   650d ago
I really hate this paradox that people impose on some long standing series.

While Pokemon sticks to a formula that works and is fun, some people want to change that. However when games actually change the formula / go in another direction, people complain about how they wanted it like before. Biohazard, Ninja Gaiden, FF all changed up the formula and people were angry every time... Why can't we just be happy this one is on the 3DS and move on?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   650d ago
No one asked for FF to change...

With that said for me personally Pokemon has gotten too repetitive. It's not that the current formula is bad or doesn't work, it's that I get that been there done that feeling with each new Pokemon game.

This new one is going the 3D world route which I wanted, but the battle system is the same which is the core gameplay that you'll be doing over and over like you have been doing in previous Pokemon games.
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MEsoJD  +   650d ago
Yeah, when I saw the trailer for X and Y, I thought, "that's nice, but not enough".
3-4-5  +   649d ago
It's fun though. Why change fun. Fun can be fun forever it doesn't only have to be fun for a few years. Fun is fun.
TongkatAli  +   650d ago
A risk would have been a Wii U version MMO style in 1080p. At LEAST it isn't the same look Nintendo has been using over and over again.
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specsmatter  +   650d ago
I agree. But even that wouldnt be that much of a risk because i know so many ppl are dying to get their hands on a version on the Wiiu that offers robust online capabilities and true 3d graphics.

We all know a 3d Pokemon on the Wiiu would be a system seller to all those kids craving their Pokemon Wiiu fix.
Rainstorm81  +   650d ago
Give me a Wii U version....and take some ACTUAL risks to lure in new core fans then I may be impressed...releasing a handheld Pokemon equates to zero risk
MasterCornholio  +   650d ago
I wouldnt call it a risk its essentially the same pokemon games that Nintendo has always made except that its in 3D.


Great idea and im pretty sure that some day Nintendo will do that on the Wii U.
lifesanrpg  +   650d ago
How is putting a hugely popular game on a successful handheld considered a risk? What they should've done is put it on the Wii U also to attract new buyers.
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kcuthbertson  +   650d ago
Lol ya...what a risk.

A pokemon game that looks to add more innovation than seen in the last ten years of the franchise is a huge risk /s

People buy up pokemon games like hotcakes, even with little to no innovation, I mean..I love pokemon, but COD is more innovative than pokemon is in sme aspects.

This game will sell a buttload of copies as well as be a system seller. This game is in NO way a risk, stupid article.
wingman32x  +   650d ago
The trailer was far from a full reveal. The only thing they showed of the battle system are the animations. Those people saying that the core mechanics are not going to change much have a good chance of being right. But how people can say so with such a degree of certainty after a ~30 second trailer with nothing but the MC running around is beyond me. If there's something I missed in the trailer, tell me.
SirRidge  +   650d ago
This is hardly a risk. It just looks like the same Pokemon formula, but a lot prettier.
The internet has been way too happy and excited for this to be any real risk..
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   648d ago
Pokemon and monster hunter, its a good year for the 3DS and me
LordToad  +   647d ago
I like the idea, but they just created a whole new generation of Pokemon not that long ago. This is ether going to be a huge hit or a huge miss. Hope its a huge it.

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