7,000 Stolen Nintendo Consoles Still Missing, Turned Out to be Wii Us

Detectives have located the vehicles in which the systems were stashed inside and transported and here’s another piece of good news, they weren’t even Wiis —they were Wii Us!

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1upgamer992045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

I read about this weeks ago on Yahoo news. They always knew they were Wii U's.
This is dated December 19th. Stating they were Wii U's. I never heard they were just Wii.

3GenGames2045d ago

Pretty much every gamer article said they were normal Wii's. I pointed it out in a few articles that wiis shouldn't cost nearly $400, lol.

PopRocks3592045d ago

Hopefully they catch the perps. No manufacturer deserves to have their merchandise stolen.

Cam9772045d ago

Nobody does. Theft is wrong and I hope the perpetrator's crime catches up with them very soon.

Ezz20132045d ago

they should assign Inspector Clouseau to catch them

ALLWRONG2044d ago

They have insurance. Who the hell cares?

1upgamer992044d ago

3 million dollars turned into insurance. The effect of that is not just oh well, rates go up, premiums go up. If you drive a car and you have an accident, sure the insurance pays, but so do you in the long run. I am guessing you are young.

skipper2044d ago

that comment is just ALLWRONG....

PopRocks3592044d ago


Does that mean the thieves should get off with nothing? No, I think they should be tried and properly convicted. That's the point here.

dredgewalker2045d ago

I wonder if Nintendo can track them if these items were used online. Since they also have serial numbers in them they should also have mac addresses that are paired with it. Though I have doubts that Nintendo would implement such a security feature with a console. Anyway I hope they get their stolen units back and catch the thieves.

rainslacker2044d ago

You can be almost certain that Nintendo has some way to track these systems if they get used online. Serial numbers are hard coded into the bios, and likely uploaded along with the MAC address when you make an account. Nintendo would have records of which device's got which MAC address for this very purpose. It's commonplace on every piece of hardware sold in the last 15 years.

Whether or not they actively decide to pursue these people is another issue, as the ones using it aren't likely to be the ones that stole it. More than likely it would be up to the insurance company to do that, since when they pay out the units become their property.

GreenRanger2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

I hope they catch the scoundrel who stole those Wii Us.
Off Topic: Wii Us! Wii Us! Come on, people, i've got Wii Us for sale over here. Straight off the factory floor! I bought these for €1000 each but i'm giving them away for €250. Wow, what a steal! Get 'em while they're hot. You won't find a bargain like this ever again! Quickly now, before the cops come.

PopRocks3592045d ago

Damn, Rita's really losing her touch if all she's doing is having you sell stolen game consoles.

dredgewalker2044d ago

Have you ever seen a Power Ranger getting paid to defend the world? :)

sprinterboy2045d ago

Is that shipped to retail or sold in hardware sales lol

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