More Reports on Nothing Plaguing the Industry as Sites Compete for PS4 Hits, Not Quality

Because a lot of games journalism is pretty terrible, PSLS has recently featured a ton of articles repeatedly saying just how awful it is. We try not to talk about it too often, however, because, if we mentioned every bad example of games journalism (such as this article insisting that the PS2 plays Blu-rays), we’d have no space to bring you news. Instead, we only cover the big stories – and they really are stories – that have successfully managed to gain a huge amount of traffic and take over large aggregate sites.

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ftwrthtx1799d ago

It takes all kinds to make the net go round unfortunately,

SoundGamer1799d ago

This is a little ironic.

The Great Melon1799d ago

Glad I am not the only one that thought that. In the end they not only reported the non-news that most gaming websites report non-news, but they also reported the same quote from Kazuo Hirai that they are complaining about.

knifefight1799d ago

Consider it something like the Daily Show.

Someone has to call the other people out. I'm glad someone has the balls to throw a penalty flag out.

animegamingnerd1799d ago

yeah it the picture sums it up i bet a good majority off these rumors may have been started to get hits

bitboi1799d ago

lol good article and so sadly true

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