Overclocked: A History of Violence - House of Tales' Martin Ganteföhr interview

Violence is a common enough topic in the games industry, but usually the theme is violence in games, not games about violence. Not so for House of Tales in its highly-anticipated upcoming adventure, Overclocked: A History of Violence. The German developer has never shied away from complex and even controversial subjects, and in the studio's latest offering, the psychological effects of violence is at the forefront of what Creative Director Martin Ganteföhr describes as a "journey into character".

Along with its mature subject matter comes an ambitious narrative structure that explores the suppressed memories of five traumatized young people moving chronologically backwards, even as events unfold in normal time for a psychiatrist that seems equally burdened by secrets.

Adventure Gamer has been excited about the game since first seeing it in person, and with the game finally nearing its English release next month, they went behind the scenes to ask Martin about Overclocked, plus delve into a few memories of his own.

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