RipTen Review: Anarchy Reigns (360)

Michael Futter writes: I’m going to give you the good news first. 2013 can only get better from here. Thankfully for Platinum Games, when December rolls around and people look back at their work for the year, Metal Gear Rising and (likely) Bayonetta 2 will be associated with their name. This works out for everyone, because the sooner we can forget about the absolutely terrible Anarchy Reigns, the better off we’ll all be.

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rbailey2020d ago

Great Review. I unfortunately will be reviewing this title as well soon lol... You're right.. 2013 can only get better from here on out lol

League_of_Draven2020d ago

More mediocre garbage from Platinum Games just as expected.

TryMe2020d ago

haters gonna hate? been playing the game all afternoon and so far it's reminded me the most akin to God Hand. It's really good imo, definitely worth the 29.99 price tag.

Summons752020d ago

Troll review nothing to see here

drTorsche2020d ago

While this game isn't a masterpiece, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I've bought AAA titles with less depth and entertainment value for double the price. Anarchy Reigns definitely isn't a great representation of what Platinum is capable of, and I hope MGS:Revengeance proves me right.

Venox20082019d ago

oh how great, troll review, or maybe they are more of shooter fans, who knows

PaladinXII2019d ago

Yeah, that must be it. Good point.