Famitsu: 3DS reaches 10 million units sold in Japan

''Famitsu is reporting – via parent company Enterbrain – that the 3DS has surpassed ten million units sold in Japan. The feat was accomplished as of January 6.''

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SonyNGP2017d ago

I'm not gonna lie. That picture made me giggle xD

ElectricKaibutsu2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I guess the 3DS also prints money

Kos-Mos2016d ago

Nintendo knows how to do it. Love em.

TimeSkipLuffy2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

The biggest market are little kids, parents, grandparents... people who are not playing all those big titles in HD graphic ... the only competitor in this area would be the smartphone. But a smartphone usually does not have buttons... and no Mario and Pokemon and Dr Kashimas brainwashing XDD...

Therefore they just continue to print money with the DS brand. Nothing new really...

ElectricKaibutsu2016d ago

I think more 20 something year olds play the 3ds in Japan than grandparents. They're all about that monster hunter tri g game.