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Submitted by Emilio_Estevez 1053d ago | video

Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 Character Change Videos

Capcom writes:

"With the free DLC patch of Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 coming out January 29th, what better way for you to know how your favorite character has been changed than by watching a short video highlighting some of the changes? Hit the jump to see videos on Ryu, King, Marduk, Akuma, Julia, and Ibuki.

These videos are meant to highlight some of the significant changes made to the character, not necessarily encompass every change made to the characters. For a complete change list for each character, please head over to Capcom Unity where I will have all changes per character listed at a later date." (PC, PS Vita, PS3, Street Fighter x Tekken, Xbox 360)

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KrimsonKody  +   1053d ago

I just got a little light-headed quick. "free" doesn't come often from Capcom, although it's only a patch, they usually find tiny stuff to add with that patch in order to charge $.

...or maybe Cap is trying to do better for the new year...
Would be nice.

More Marvel Vs Capcom 3 support...
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Kurt Russell  +   1053d ago
You've still gotta pay DLC for most of the characters who are being patched for free ;)

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