Retro City Rampage Comes to EU and Asian PS3s, PS Vitas on January 16th

After an impossibly long wait for Retro City Rampage to appear in other major territories (our very own Sebastian Moss has been chomping at the bit for it), VBlank Entertainment has just revealed that it will be available on January 16th for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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doctorstrange1930d ago

Jehoshaphat! That took forever

TrendyGamers1930d ago

But you can finally play it next week.

Baylex1929d ago

Why do you have a disagree on this?? God... I can't uderstand people... really I can't..

Obnoxious_Informer1930d ago

Dammit, I really enjoyed trolling your lack of Retro City...such an amazing game.

dbjj120881930d ago

Seems like the developers were intent on keeping with the retro theme.... by delaying the PAL version well after the release of the NTSC version :P

Chuk51930d ago

I waited for this game for 3 years. Even when they delayed it a year from a solid release date in 2011,inexplicably dumped the 360 as the lead version, and made it sony exclusive for a while. And having finally played it, it was not worth the wait. The indie game cycle is one the biggest drawbacks to smaller titles.

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