Anticipating LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The Publisher of GoozerNation writes, "It is very rare that I ever get excited about a press release, but this morning when I learned that Warner Bros. and Marvel, along with Telltale games, were teaming up to release a LEGO video game, I got excited. It’s not that I’m a major Marvel super hero fan, even though I really liked The Avengers movie that came out last year, it’s more that I’m a major LEGO fan."

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Teggy1988d ago

Hi there!

Please note: it is Traveller's Tales (not Telltale Games)!

JimmyJames701988d ago

Yep, I've been writing so many articles on The Walking Dead that now I associate TT with Telltale instead of Traveller's Tales. I'll get that fixed.

abzdine1988d ago

This game will be as good and enjoyable as all Lego games.