2K Publisher Sale Happening Now on Xbox Live, Runs Till January 15th, 2013

If you happened to receive quite a few Xbox Live Points Cards over the holidays, 2K is now running a publisher sale that gives you quite a good reason to spend those points.

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TrendyGamers1991d ago

Might grab one of those 200 MSP games.

InMyOpinion1991d ago

The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom – 200 MSP

Will be picking that up :)

BringingTheThunder1991d ago

guess they wanna sell as much bioshock before infinite?

Relientk771991d ago

All that Borderlands and Bioshock stuff

BootHammer1991d ago

Great deals on Bioshock and Borderlands!

LOL at Duke Nukem for $20... ;)

BanBrother1991d ago

Meh nothing for me. Bioshock 2 DLC is a running joke across XBL members. It has been on sale like 6 times last year lol. Borderlands DLC as well. I have all the Bioshock and Borderlands dLC already, and think that people should buy the Special edition tht comes with Bioshock 1&2 plus all dlc.

Duke Nukem aint worth $2, let alone $20 IMO. It made CoD look like the best fPS ever.