GameStop selling used PS Vita systems for $149 with coupon

This week only you can get a used PS Vita for $149.99 from GameStop with a Power Up Rewards coupon.

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SilentNegotiator2014d ago

Huh. Not bad. But I'll still wait for a smaller, cheaper (than retail, not this deal) model.

DivineAssault 2014d ago

a steal if u can find one in good condition & with the box

Y_51502014d ago

I might jump on this deal to buy someone else a Vita.

nevin12013d ago

"You can get a coupon from their Power Up Rewards program that will discount the console for only 10,000 points."

What does that mean?

mrbojingles2012d ago

That means you spend 10,000 GameStop Rewards points to get the coupon, then redeem the coupon for the discount