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Famitsu review scores (1/8/13)

The latest Famitsu review scores include DmC Devil May Cry.

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Community2140d ago
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jc485732140d ago

so is this a fake review or what?

MaideninBlack2140d ago

Who can say? Famitsu reviews are about as reliable as IGN's.

kupomogli2139d ago

I dislike IGN as well, but Famitsu is way worse. Famitsu is well known to take pay offs.

AsimLeonheart2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Famitsu used be a very reputed publication a decade ago but now they are just another bunch of greedy bastards who give always give great reviews to big publisher games. I havent read a single preview/review for DmC that evaluates the game properly on the basis of gameplay, graphics, mechanics, sound, animation and performance. These are basic things in a hardcore technical hack and slash like DMC. Everybody just keeps saying, "it is great, everything is fine! It is better or at least the same as older DMCs." None of the reviews are objective and that is why they look like paid reviews. I do not believe any of the reviews until they evaluate the game properly based on the above criteria. Currently the reviews are like the following image,

fossilfern2139d ago

I dont think dead mouse is doing the music for DMC, I thought it was CombiChrist?

Vandamme212140d ago

It's's famitsu..a Japanese game magazine

ChrisW2139d ago

Yes, Famitsu is real... their reviews are not.

Famitsu's reviews are always plus 3 or 4 of what they should be. I've seen numerous times them rating games with an 8 or 9 and the general consensus on Metacritic gives them a 5 or 6.

VileAndVicious2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

To answer your question, NT was referring to online reviews posted before the embargo has been lifted, not print media.

Honestly though Im a bit surprised myself. Thats the same score DMC3 was given by them and I was pretty sure that Japanese reviewers were going to hate this new western DmC. Cant wait to try it out for myself next week.

VileAndVicious2139d ago


Welcome back to N4g. Where nothings changed lol

TheBlackSmoke2140d ago

Thats right fella's, strap on those tin foil hats, its gonna be a wild ride.

Xof2140d ago

It may as well be. It's just a total of four arbitrary scores devoid of anything resembling context.

Famitsu reviews are never terribly detailed, but they DO do a good job of pointing out the relative strengths and weaknesses of games, concisely... but the actual scores they give seldom reflect those qualitative judgments.

You know, like every other review you see posted here: reviews that are scathing in criticism but dole out 9s and 10s; reviews that are nothing but praise that dole out 5s and 6s.

jc485732140d ago

*bows down to Bayonetta's perfect score.

ritsuka6662139d ago

Famitsu give a Resident Evil 6 a maximum score (10/10/10/9) , so take a grain of salt this review...

knifefight2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Yep. Famitsu rates everything high.

And Japanese gamers agree with the author of that piece:

fossilfern2139d ago

LOL oh my god. Nearly perfect scores across the board....

360ICE2139d ago

Always take stuff with a grain of salt, but DmC Devil May Cry is worthy of those scores.

Ranma12139d ago

I hate the art style and design

Root2139d ago

Well put it this way I've learnt something about Famists...they ALWAYS give Japanese titles good reviews

Now your proberly thinking "well this dmc isn't Japanese developed" BUT it's still Japanese in it's brand name.

Hell these guys give FF13, F13-2, RE6 nearly perfect scores

360ICE2139d ago

Well, if you go by this issue, then the two highest rated games were one western game and one western developed game. The others were Japanese.

Also: DMC is gonna get its fair share of 8s and 9s everywhere else too. As it already has from magazines.

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nyobzoo2140d ago

nice to see DMC is getting good reviews, def picking up the game when it launches

Acquiescence2140d ago

Can't wait for it, and it's so close now!

MattyG2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

What. The hell. Is this? "Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! 100kg Karahajimaru-Koimonogatari&quo t; WILL THAT EVEN FIT ON THE BOX??

InMyOpinion2140d ago

That title is weird even for Japanese standards lol.

inf3cted12140d ago

That feeling when only PSP games get reviewed cus there are no Vita games.

adorie2140d ago

does that mean Nintendo has no games either? -_-

knifefight2138d ago

He meant that no Vita games got released.
He's right.
The next Vita games don't release in Japan until January 24th, so they miss this issue of the Weekly Famitsu.

Ares84HU2140d ago

I tried the demo....not tricking me into buying this crap "DMC".

Hanso2139d ago

The demo isnt tricking anybody ...its more like the demo screams :


Old McGroin2139d ago

"I tried the demo....not tricking me into buying this crap "DMC"."

Try and have an open mind man, there's a lot of people riding on the coat-tails of hatred here on Negativity4Gamers. DMC seems to be receiving pretty good reviews, and these are reviews of the full game, from start to finish, not of a demo of an incomplete build. I'm not sure anybody's trying to trick anyone, if anything the people bashing the game before they've even played the final build could be seen as the ones trying to trick people.

Ares84HU2139d ago

A demo is a taste of the full game. The controls were terrible, the gameplay was boring, the enemies were boring the design looked bad. I'm not getting this game because I hated the demo which should serve the purpose of giving you a taste of the full game and also because of the way Tameem acted. People like him do not deserve my hard earned money. It's not because others hate this "DMC" so I hate it too just to be "cool" or "accepted". That's not the case, I made up my own mind because of the things I wrote down. After the demo and lot's of gameplay videos it's safe to say that this game is a piece of shit and doesn't deserve the DMC name.

People just need to accept the fact that some of us just don't like this garbage but I actually gave a chance to this game.