Digital up, pre-owned down as GameStop reports 4.6% sales drop

Global games retailer GameStop has fared better than the overall games market by posting a sales drop of just 4.6 per cent for the nine weeks ending December 29th.

Global sales for the period were $2.88bn. Like-for-like sales fell 4.4 per cent, with the US declining 3.5 per cent and international falling 6.4 per cent.

Hardware sales in the period fell 2.7 per cent despite 320,000 Wii U unit sales. New game software sales dipped 5.1 per cent while pre-owned nosedived by 15.6 per cent – a number GameStop blames on “limited inventory due to fewer new titles released throughout 2012 and less promotional activity negatively impacted sales compared to last year”.

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TheGamerDood1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

And once Sony and MS properly implement digital downloads with flexible pricing and day one downloads, I don't see companies like GS sticking around for much longer.

SnakeCQC1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

they need more titles and quick competitive prices like steam

Ares84HU1962d ago

Faster internet speeds, larger storage devices and pre-downloaded games needed.

Simple as that.

But I myself like physical copies instead of just downloaded games. Whatever I have DL-d from the PSN I don't even consider as part of my's just there.

Jek_Porkins1962d ago

Microsoft and Sony wont be doing that next generation. I'm sure we'll see digital available on day one, but it'll be the same price as retail. Microsoft and Sony wont want to upset the regular retail sellers who have to sell the consoles to begin with.

Physical media is in no immediate danger of going away because of all the slow download speeds, some people don't even go online at all, and some people like myself have a download cap. I am only allowed 150 gigs a month and I already pretty much tap that out with Netflix and regular internet usage.

Status quo is going to be the main theme with next generation in my opinion.

If you look at the Genesis/SNES days, we were all blown away at 35 million in console sales, now every console doubles that and yet we think consoles and physical media is going away. It will continue to ebb and flow, but don't expect big discounts on digital media as long as consoles and physical media is sold at brick and mortar stores.

SnakeCQC1962d ago

well they fought the inevitable as long as they could by screwing over consumers now its time for you to go bye bye

Blank1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

As much as I dislike entering and shopping at a gamestop I cant put down the fact that it is convienent for me in my area I have 2 nearby shops and there are certain games I cant wait for shipping to arrive at times they have same online price minus the shipping and my issue a times is when I want a new game I want to play it asap also at times they might have the better preorder deal sure preorder dlc sucks but its now the norm I might as well get the best offer and even in the future where digital downloads are the standard I still want a physical copy something bout digital has me iffy dont me wrong I do digital shopping but only for my vita and psn xbla exclusives

EDIT: Oops cant forget bout steam! Best digital store!

Ares84HU1962d ago

I don't like how they treat people who want to sell their games there but no one is forcing you to sell your games there. Also if GameStop goes belly up that right there is thousands of jobs lost. Why is that a good thing??

Also, as Blank said, GameStop is very convenient because they are always pretty close by.

landog1962d ago

you'll all be telling your kids,

"there used to be video game stores billy, real stores where you could walk in, and pick up a game that came in a box, and then drive home and open it, and then put a disc in the tray"

billy "whats a disc?"

"shut up you little puke daddys talking, anyway, then you'd wait for it to patch, then you'd enter your credit card to buy the dlc, then..."

billy "dad, your life was gay"

"yeah, it was"

billy turns his phone on and points it at the wall which projects a 150" display in 12000k resolution and plays a dx19 game that he insta steamed of the 300gb/s cloud

you go and cry in a corner.

3GenGames1962d ago

It's only inevitable that digital will take over as long as people are okay with forfeiting their rights to owning a physical game with proof, not renting it digitally for use.

If it goes all digital, they'll for sure lose me. In fact, I will pirate everything. I will not give up my right to OWN an actual game. Never.

Riderz13371962d ago

I actually found myself buying more digital games this year for some reason... I just think it's more convenient since you never have to do things such as swapping discs or get worried about damaging your disc. I do agree with most people though in that digital copies should be cheaper because there's no case, no disc and really no shipping charges. Once they can lower the prices on all digital copies of games then I wouldn't mind a digital only future.