The Walking Dead Episode Five: No Time Left Review | DarkStation

DarkStation: "Despite any issues, you should play The Walking Dead on whatever console you have access to it on. This first season tries some very interesting things with the choices and the episodic nature, and what’s more, they get a lot of them right. Though some of the episodes are definitely better than others, it creates a very compelling story and keeps you interested all the way through to the end. The biggest issues wind up coming from the rushed nature of the season—with a little more polish and a couple more once-overs of the script, I’d definitely love this game a lot more, but as it is, there are just enough problems to keep it from greatness."

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Smokeeye1231964d ago

Do people on N4G really enjoy seeing reviews of a month + old game? I mean I love the Walking Dead game as much as everyone but really.

TryMe1964d ago

The full retail game came out in the middle of it's hardly been a month yet. PLus there aren't many other games to discuss so far (review wise)

grifter0241964d ago

Not everyone buys games the night it launches so chill.

You don't have to come in and post if it bothers you so much.

HeavenlySnipes1964d ago

Episode 5 was the best one next to episode 3