10 Bold PlayStation Predictions for 2013

IGN - Will this be the year of the PlayStation?

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MultiConsoleGamer1965d ago

I really hope they're right about number 10.

jujubee881965d ago

Patapon is not the most popular title, but, boy, do I love it so.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1965d ago

Lol... another title that says, will this be the year of the playstation. :)

Every year there's someone saying that.

MikeMyers1965d ago

1. I'm going to laugh if it isn't called the PS4, and it will be likely be because of the number 4. Which is even more hilarious.

2. Bioshock does look good but there looks to be many great games coming this year.

3. Could be, not really interested either way.

4. Just what the Vita needs, more familiar PS3 ip's. I would like to see more support from 3rd party publishers and unique games.

5. Hope so, they are a good developer.

6. Most likely. They have a great relationship.

7. No more teasers. I want real gameplay with real accountable release dates.

8. Watch the hardcore try and downplay it if it's not exclusive. They made great games and will continue to make great games regardless of them being exclusive.

9. Seems reasonable.

10. That would be a great game on Vita.

matrixman921965d ago

those are some pretty lame "bold" predictions

BitbyDeath1965d ago

I would like for 6 to happen -

Sony will purchase Quantic Dream outright following the launch of Beyond: Two Souls.

Riderz13371965d ago

If Beyond is successful critically and sells well, they would be idiots to not purchase Quantic Dream.

j-blaze1965d ago

just no! Quantic Dream is too big for Sony to purchase especially after equipping the studio with high end mo-cap tech, QD should stay independent! the only reason why Beyond is exclusive is because Mr. Cage wanted to show appreciation for Sony for helping publishing Heavy Rain, pretty sure their next game will be multiplat

BigStef711965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I agree. I hope Sony buys QD and I really hope Insomniac Games will come back to Sony after the release of Fuse which unfortunately doesn't look like it will be successful because the change of tone looks generic and I just don't think Ea will market it well. I'll still buy the game because I love Insomniac but I just don't think it will be successful. So if it happens I hope Insomniac will be open to becoming a first party developer for Sony.

Too bad Cage and Quantic Dream are open to becoming a first party developer for Sony which will happen for sure if Beyond Two Souls is successful which I think it will just like Heavy Rain was

Riderz13371965d ago

@J-Blaze, actually no buddy, this is why David Cage creates PS3 exclusives even though they aren't owned by Sony.

I'm sorry but Microsoft rarely (I said rarely NOT never) supports a first party game unless they know it will sell millions upon millions of units. Sony lets developers create the games they want to create (again, not always the cause but more so than Microsoft).

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grailly1965d ago

yeah, the 360 ones were way better. This was just the PS editors saying their favorite franchises will get a sequel.

BitbyDeath1965d ago

Nobody is forcing you to buy one at launch.

C L O U D1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I remember before this generation I saw a toaster...

I'll just wait for them to debut it rather than speculating...

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