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PockyKing2020d ago

Actually looks like a really good map pack for once. I love the look of the zombies map. 15 bucks is still a lot for a map pack though. But hell, I've had fun with Black Ops 2 so I'll be okay with picking this one up.

IRON883 2020d ago

Damn it I hate this stupid Xbox first bull crap!!!!!!!!

dazzrazz2020d ago

You cant polish a turd !

Stay-Toasty2020d ago

This is the first time Im actually not that impressed with the new zombies dlc. Dont get me wrong, it doesnt look bad but after playing tranzit I dont want single maps. i was really hoping for a continuation of tranzit with some more perks. Maybe something that involves the NavCard taking us to new places.

DrRichtofen2020d ago

More zombies for ze doctor!

bamillington2020d ago

not interested, i stick with battlefield

Spenok2020d ago

As much as I agree. It is nice to finally see them trying new things instead of just Maps. New game modes, lvls, and a weapon. You can't say its just a cash in this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.