Demon's Souls is now available on PSN

The award-winning action RPG Demon's Souls™ is now available for download on the PlayStation®Network (PSN) for $19.99/£12.49**

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iWishTifaWasReal1928d ago

Yey! I'll be seeing you again Man Eater

egidem1927d ago

If any PS3 owner who still hasn't picked up this awesome game (or hasn't given it a try), do yourself a favor and grab it.

Lionalliance1928d ago

Weren't the servers shut downed :o?

admiralvic1928d ago

Nope. Atlus kept saying they would, but always extended it.

TongkatAli1928d ago

Atlus rocks. Persona 4 Golden is so F epic and they published Demon Souls, love that company.

jon12341928d ago

and catherine, and the shin megami mmo games and other good games too

Just_The_Truth1928d ago

If the servers are still on I'm dusting this amazing game off and running through it again

CrescentFang1928d ago

Nope, and as of now there are no plans to shut it down either...

guitarded771928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Yep... Atlus said they will be up "indefinitely" on the PS Blog... so whoever disagreed with you is not in the know. Plus it's white tendency right now. I prefer Demon's to Dark... I really wish Sony would have been more supportive of it, we'd probably be expecting Demon's Souls 3 right now. I read an interview where Kaz said not publishing and supporting Demon's in NA and Europe was one of their biggest mistakes. Guess they didn't think Westerners would like such a challenging non-shooter, but Demon's is a throwback to gaming past. The cut scenes and character design are some of the best this gen.

GameSpawn1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Yeah, they announced it and the Atlus forums blew up with outcries from the community so Atlus kept extending it.

Now every time you login the announcement says it has been extended to such and such date and when you get to that date they just push it out again. So until the PS4 version of Demon's Souls is out or Atlus goes under it isn't going away.

You can still do everything offline, but the online Pure White and Pure Black world tendencies events really help with getting those things done as well as getting rare items that only drop at the extremes.

ab5olut10n1928d ago

This game pretty much stomped a hole in my @$$ and I loved every second of it.

Bumpmapping1928d ago

Demon's Souls one the greatest games this gen if you have not played this masterpiece now is a good time.

Inception1928d ago

I want to buy Demon's Souls. But some of my friends keep telling me for Dark Souls. Can i have a little bit of info which game i must buy it first? ^^

GribbleGrunger1928d ago

Start with Demons Souls and then buy Dark Souls. The stories aren't connected but the engine and concept are clearly the same.

Swiggins1928d ago

They're both must play games in my opinion. Between the two, I think Dark Souls was better, but honestly it's only because of the more interesting world design and that's all objective.

Know this though, which ever one you pick, they'll punish you relentlessly, but once you get the hang of it, there's no better feeling than mastering a Souls game.

jon12341928d ago

personally, i perfer demon souls over dark souls. dark souls is way to easy, theres also to many bugs that have bosses and npcs kill them selves for you, taking the fun out of the game, so i would ignore your friends and go for demon souls and after play dark souls i guess...

MEsoJD1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

That's funny because I can beat Demons Souls in a day. I can't see any advantages to Demons Souls over Dark except for the network. Seriously they improved in almost every way in Dark Souls. Lets also not forget that juicy lore.

Inception1927d ago

Ok, looks like i will start with Demon's Souls. Thx for the info guys and oh, bubble + for all of you ^^

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