Nvidia's Project Shield is Destined to Fail

GR - "Is Nvidia's upcoming Project Shield a proper gaming device, or just a Wii U gamepad for your PC?"

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hennessey861719d ago

Is destined to fail, I've heard to the play station 5 will sell 7 units.

crazysammy1719d ago

I heard the Wii U died already. PS3 was the worst and Every Xbox ever made broke.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1719d ago

Don't care about phones games but streaming Bioshock: Infinite maxed out while sitting on the toilet is a win imo. I hope this product does well. I like having control of my cloud gaming.

GamerToons1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

It's a crap argument this article is making.

We don't even know the price yet.

Droid based gaming with remote steam availability sounds perfect to me.

If anything this is looking good for google play and developers are taking notice at all the android gaming options that are opening up.

I'm a console and PC gamer. I own a Nexus 7 as well. I'm just a fan of gaming in general.

The article fails at journalism.

NYC_Gamer1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Project Shield=one big waste of time i doubt tech heads are going to support some expensive android/streaming gaming handheld

Thatguy-3101719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Plus the look isn't all that appealing. It's funny how anyone is trying to get into the console market. From now on it will be difficult for a new comer to actually succeed. Console gaming is own by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo
Doesn't it look like those bad concept pictures for the next xbox? Lol

EddieNX 1719d ago

People only trust Nintnedo or SOny in the handheld market , In particular Nintnedo. IOS and Android is just loads of annoying kids playing crap on their phones....

givemeshelter1718d ago

Actually based on actual hard data, the majority of games sold and played on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android are not kids as you claim... But Adults from ages 17-45...The same demographic as the vita and home consoles.
It's one of the reasons Nintendo and Sony has lost market share to these devices over the past 3 years. This trend continues at a rapid rate. Factor in cheap app games and you can see why.
Take a look at the numbers... Developers sure are and investors.

GamerToons1719d ago

Oh... You know the price? Last time I looked a price wasn't provided.

Can you please grace us all with the expensive price you mentioned?

BullyMangler1719d ago

whats expensive to ONe, is expensive to everyone else? . . .. .. . .

RuleofOne343 1719d ago

I will buy one, just to show support + it looks cool.

NexGen1719d ago

Are you a sheep? They don't care about your support or pro-anything flag waving...just your cash. Cough it up.

RuleofOne343 1719d ago

So when you buy a game for your console are u not show support or when you buy said console are u not supporting a company.

kneon1719d ago

I think it looks hideous, and I really don't see the point.

It's too big (and ugly) for most people to want to take it anywhere and if you're at home there are better gaming options available to most people who would ever be interested in this.

poo3429472947921719d ago

looks so fugly like a kid glued a cheap android knock off device to a cheap knock off 360 controller

RuleofOne343 1719d ago

Ugly is that square controller w/ the usb stick , can't remember it name or maker but that Fk is ugly.

poo3429472947921719d ago

lol true they are both fudgly

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The story is too old to be commented.