Metro: Last Light - 3D Demo On Nvidia's Booth + Three New Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "4A Games has revealed - via the game's official FB page - that a new, 3D demo of Metro: Last Light will be available on Nvidia's booth at this year's CES."

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claud31747d ago

this keeps getting better and better

Lior1747d ago

Wait the video of the demo is out on the 10th or playable on pc?

hennessey861747d ago

Next gen so I can play some decent looking 3d games

torchic1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

did they chose Metro because it peforms better graphically than Crysis 3? so it shows of their cards better?

Muffins12231747d ago

Both crysis and metro have better performance on nvidia compared to AMD cards.....but metro would likely lag more i think.

LAWSON721747d ago

I got a 7950 recently hope i can max this out 60 fps at 1360x768.